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Is your organization innovation-ready?

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The potential for innovation within an organization can be fully realized through the use of technology, as it provides the necessary tools and framework for IT professionals to make the most out of their investments and create something truly new and innovative. This allows for the full potential of innovation to be unleashed.

Cisco has conducted a new global survey called the State of Global Innovation, which aims to evaluate the perceptions, inhibitors, and enablers for innovation at a high level among CIOs, IT decision makers, and developers. The survey's goal is to determine how technology can play a role in helping companies prepare for the future.

State of Global Innovation

- 97%  of Saudi Arabia respondents say their organizations are extremely or somewhat innovative​.

- 59%  of Saudi Arabia respondents say they can take an innovation from ideation to implementation in less than a year.

But Saudi Arabia respondents say Competing priorities, no clear business strategy, or unclear metrics for outcomes is the #1 challenge to innovation among them​.

Ability to leverage APIs to manage network performance and scale is the #1 enabler of innovation.

Saudi Arabia respondents found value in  58% of their technology investments, on average.

In the future, it's expected that a technology platform approach will be necessary to streamline operations, which will enable innovation, automation, and ultimately lead to a greater return on technology investments.

- 86% of Saudi Arabia respondents  believe that a technology platform's value is determined by what can be built on top of it.

It’s time to harness the untapped potential of today’s technology solutions to set the foundation for the innovations of tomorrow.

Four essential elements of technology that can facilitate the process of driving impactful innovation:

  • Simplification

To realize the benefits of innovation and successfully develop new products and services, it's essential to have operations that are simple, predictable, and outcome-driven. These factors play a key role in driving impactful innovation.

88% of Saudi Arabia IT pros say they value simplicity when it comes to technology management.​

91% of Saudi Arabia respondents agree their organization's network is or will soon be used as a platform for new products or services.

Complexity: According to global respondents, “complexity of IT ecosystem” is a top challenge when trying to innovate.​​

Simplify: Globally there is broad agreement with this approach: globally, similar shares of CIOs (88%), developers (86%) and IT decision makers (86%) agree, as do similar shares of specialists in applications (86%), networks and systems (87%) and security (87%).

  • Visibility:

The benefits of increased visibility go beyond just gaining insights. It can lead to enhanced application performance, optimized use of resources, and improved application security, resulting in a healthier Internet and a better overall experience for the end user.

92% of Saudi Arabia respondents say with more insight (from visibility, detection, forecasting, etc.) into network operations, their organization could improve user experience​.​

92% of Saudi Arabia respondents agree that they require a centralized location to manage and gain insights into their IT infrastructure, network, applications, cybersecurity, and/or digital experience.

91% of Saudi Arabia respondents agree that it is essential to protect their apps from code to cloud.​

  • Experience:

In today's business landscape, providing the best possible digital experience for end-users has become a mission-critical objective for organizations. The good news is that technology innovation is unlocking new possibilities for delivering exceptional digital experiences.

92% of Saudi Arabia respondents agreed that the app experience can play a crucial role in determining the success of a business.

92% of Saudi Arabia respondents are committed to providing a seamless digital experience for their end customers.


Globally, 84% of CIOs, ITDMs, and developers are leveraging AI or ML to enhance the end-user experience. However, this trend is more prevalent in midsize companies and enterprises, with small businesses lagging behind at 67%.

  • Sustainability:

The #1 reason cited most often globally for the importance of technological innovation was to create more sustainable, energy-efficient, or ecologically conscious technology options.

92% of Saudi Arabia respondents agree that when thinking of innovation, their organization is benefitting from innovative ways to make business operations more sustainable and energy efficient.​

The State of Global Innovation survey conducted by Cisco highlights the importance of technology in driving impactful innovation and delivering exceptional digital experiences. Our partnership with Cisco enables us to help Saudi companies simplify operations, enhance visibility, and leverage AI and ML to enhance the end-user experience and create sustainable technology options. As the business landscape continues to evolve, it's essential for organizations to embrace innovative technology solutions and unleash their full potential. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization thrive in the digital age.

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