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Outlook to allow users to compose emails offline

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Microsoft has unveiled an update for Outlook on Windows via the Microsoft 365 roadmap, bringing offline support for essential mail actions and message composition.

This update is somewhat similar to the one we reported for OneDrive. OneDrive users can soon be able to access and edit their files directly in their web browser, even without an internet connection.

In this update, users can store their mail, calendar events, and contacts directly on their devices, ensuring access even without an internet connection.

Possible Functionality

Users can continue working with their emails, perform actions like flagging, moving, or deleting messages, and compose new emails offline.

This feature, identified by Feature ID 178030, was officially added to the Microsoft 365 roadmap on September 25, 2023. Outlook users worldwide can expect this enhancement to start in October 2023. With offline support, Outlook becomes even more versatile, catering to users’ needs for connectivity and productivity in diverse scenarios.

Overall, this feature benefits users in offline environments or with limited connectivity, reducing data usage in regions with costly data plans. But, offline support can have drawbacks, like data loss if a device is lost or an offline file is corrupted. Security risks arise if the device lacks proper security measures or the file isn’t encrypted.


As Microsoft continues to evolve its software offerings, it becomes increasingly important to stay updated and take advantage of these innovations. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Ctelecoms is well-equipped to assist you in making the most of these enhancements. Our expertise and experience in Microsoft technologies enable us to provide you with seamless integration, support, and guidance, ensuring that your organization benefits from the latest features and maintains optimal productivity.

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