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NEW features available for Office 365 ProPlus!

 2016/05/03   Microsoft Cloud Solutions   1289 visit(s)




Ctelecoms is thrilled to announce the System Center Configuration Manager’s built-in software updates workflow engine!

According to Microsoft's Office blog, a course of action has been taken to achieve your most requested demand: The ability to update Office using Systems Center Configuration! And that's not all! IT admins can now manage client updates for Office 365! Microsoft took the appropriate measures of integrating with Configuration Manager and the Microsoft Update service to improve the update management for Office. Users can now enjoy a service that alerts them whether or not their PC requires an update, so any time one is available, you’ll be immediately notified.

To learn more about this service, just check out the video below!

Office alerts will begin with the release of Office 365 client builds in the First Release for Current Channel and First Release for Deferred Channel which will be launched in June. And you can find out how to Manage Office 365 client updates with System Center Configuration Manager by visiting Microsoft’s TechNet site.

Wondering about what happened to Office 365 Roadmap? Just click the link to find out how well it’s progressed, and don’t forget to post all your ideas on how Microsoft can further improve Office!