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Cisco Secure Access Revolution

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In recent conversations with global business and IT leaders, a recurring question arises regarding the challenge of enhancing security for distributed workforces without imposing a burden on end-users or hindering business operations. Cisco has responded to this challenge by innovatively securing internet and private application traffic for a diverse range of users, locations, and devices, all without causing inconvenience to users.


Cisco Secure Access, a security service edge (SSE) solution, was introduced earlier this year to help organizations tackle this issue and enhance user protection. The collaboration with Samsung has led to the announcement of simplified mobile access from Samsung Galaxy devices to private applications and resources. This development allows end-users to seamlessly access required information, while IT administrators can enforce consistent zero-trust policies across a broader user and device spectrum, irrespective of their location.


Moreover, Cisco Secure Access is improving the administrator experience by introducing resource connectors. Administrators can now easily connect private resources to Secure Access, enabling remote connections to applications and enforcing secure, zero-trust access policies with just a few clicks. This streamlined process significantly reduces the onboarding time for private applications, minimizes the attack surface, and simplifies traffic routing complexity.


Cisco, known for its reliable security-as-a-service products, is extending its commitment to 99.999% uptime to the flagship SSE product, Cisco Secure Access. This high availability ensures a dependable service for users, as disruptions can impact remote connectivity and hinder job performance.


The announcement also includes a user-friendly, zero-trust access solution for Samsung Galaxy devices, offering better protection without complicating security procedures. This solution allows mobile users to access work resources through Cisco Secure Access, applying zero-trust access policies based on user identity and posture status. The use of modern MASQUE proxy and QUIC (HTTP/3) protocol ensures quick access while safeguarding corporate resources.


Additionally, the unveiling of Resource Connectors eliminates the need for specialized networking engineers to configure connections for private applications. This enhancement simplifies deployment, automates complex networking logic, obfuscates internal networks, and enhances security by isolating resources and networks.


These advancements reinforce Cisco Secure Access as a security service edge solution that prioritizes user experience, simplifies IT operations, and enhances overall safety. It combines various technologies to provide a unified, cloud-delivered security solution for secure and easy connectivity to the internet, SaaS applications, and private applications, regardless of user location.

As a trusted Cisco partner in Saudi Arabia, we aim to empower businesses in Saudi Arabia with seamless integration, effective deployment, and ongoing support for Cisco Secure Access. Count on Ctelecoms to guide you through the implementation of these advancements, ensuring that your organization not only meets but exceeds its security and connectivity requirements. Together, we can navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity, providing a robust and tailored solution that aligns with your specific needs and business objectives.

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