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What is New in Microsoft 365 January 2024

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Microsoft Stream:

Live events stopped working on January 31, 2024

If you use Stream (Classic) to make live events, you need to know this. Stream live events stopped working on Jan 31, 2024. You can use Microsoft Teams live events and town halls in Teams instead. They have the same features as Stream and more. You can also use RTMP input to make your events look better with live streams, overlays, and data.


Easier way to stop people from downloading your videos

Some videos are only for watching, not for downloading. Before, you had to change the share link settings to "Can view" to stop people from downloading your videos. Now, it is much easier. You can just choose the “Can view, but not download” option from the share link permission drop down for video files on OneDrive, SharePoint, and Stream. This will keep your videos safe.


Microsoft Teams:

Tasks in my area or department

In the Tasks by Planner and To Do app in Microsoft Teams, you can use buckets to sort your tasks by different work areas.

The Tasks app in Teams will be improved soon for mobile devices. You will be able to filter your tasks by one or more buckets. This will help you focus on the tasks in your area. This change will make the Tasks app better and easier to use, while keeping the same look and feel.


Audio and video flyout and settings

The Audio and Video Flyout will help you change your audio and video settings easily during team meetings. You can turn features on and off with symbols for both audio and video settings. You don't have to go to the settings menu to do this.

You can use this feature in 3 ways:

  • During a meeting, you can click the button with a downward arrow next to 'camera' and 'microphone' in the meeting toolbar. This will open the audio flyout and video flyout.
  • From both the audio and video flyouts, you can go to audio settings and video settings, which open on the right side of the window. You can do this by clicking 'more video options' and 'more audio options' at the bottom of the flyout.
  • You can also go to 'audio settings' and 'video effects and settings' by clicking the 'more' menu in the meeting toolbar:
  1. Audio settings: “More” menu > Audio settings
  2. Video effects and settings: “More” menu > “Video effects and settings”

Microsoft Outlook:

Sort by Category

You can group your emails by the same topic in the message list. This will help you stay focused and organized. You can sort your emails in the message list by different things. You can sort by: Date, Subject, Importance, From, Size, Category (new)

If you choose the "Category" option, you can group your emails by the categories you gave them in the message list. If an email has more than one category, it will show up in each of those groups.


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