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Tips for Securing Power Apps and SharePoint

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Ensuring the protection of your business apps is paramount in today's digital world.

Microsoft Power Apps and SharePoint are tools that help businesses make their own special apps. But if you don't set them up safely, they could spill important info or let the wrong people in. This article will give you some easy tips for making sure your Power Apps and SharePoint stay secure.


Let's talk about how Power Apps and SharePoint work together:

Power Apps is like a bundle of tools that helps you make custom apps for your business super quickly. It's got all sorts of cool stuff like connectors and a data platform to make app building a breeze.

SharePoint, on the other hand, is a web-based system mainly used for keeping documents organized. But it's grown a lot over time and can now handle all kinds of fancy business applications.

When you combine Power Apps with SharePoint, you get some really neat interactive apps that can do a lot more thanks to SharePoint's awesome document management features. It's like adding extra superpowers to your apps!


When it comes to keeping your Power Apps safe, there are a few things you can do:

Protect Your Data Source:

Use Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) to control who can get into your app's data. This makes sure only the right people can access it.

Control Access with RBAC: Set up Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) on your data sources like SharePoint lists or SQL databases. This makes sure users can only see the stuff that's relevant to their job.

Embed Securely into SharePoint: You can embed your Power Apps directly into SharePoint pages, which is pretty cool. This makes everything work together seamlessly. It's like having your apps and documents all in one place, making collaboration super easy. Plus, it's a great way to build custom digital workspaces without needing fancy web skills.


Now, let's talk about keeping your apps themselves safe:

Environment Safety: Use different Power Apps environments for different stages of app development. This means you have separate areas for building, testing, and the real deal. It stops people from messing with important data while you're still working on stuff.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Set up DLP policies to stop folks from sharing secret info outside your company or with apps that shouldn't have it. This makes sure your sensitive data stays safe and sound where it belongs.

Now, let's make sure your SharePoint is locked down tight:

Custom Permission Levels:

Customize who can do what in SharePoint to keep your info safe.

For example, you could make a permission level that lets people add stuff to a list but not delete anything.

Assign Permissions to Groups:

Instead of giving permissions directly to people, create groups in SharePoint.

Then, assign different permission levels to these groups. It makes managing permissions a lot easier.

Secure Access to SharePoint Lists:

When you're linking SharePoint lists to Power Apps, make sure only the right people can see them.

Keep sensitive lists under wraps and make sure folks have the right permissions.

Best Practices for Keeping SharePoint Safe:

Keep an Eye Out: Regularly check who can access what in SharePoint. If something doesn't look right, investigate!

Lock Down Sharing: Don't let people share documents or data outside your organization without permission.

Encrypt Your Stuff: Use encryption to keep your important files safe from prying eyes, even when they're just sitting around. 


Integrating Power Apps and SharePoint together needs a solid security plan to keep your important info safe. By using Azure AD, setting up RBAC, making custom permission levels, and following top security tips, you can make sure only the right people see your stuff.


Whether you're utilizing Power Apps or SharePoint, ensuring robust security measures is essential to protect sensitive information and maintain data integrity. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Ctelecoms can provide expert guidance and support in implementing these security strategies effectively. With our assistance, you can confidently navigate the complexities of app security and keep your business applications safe from potential threats.

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