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What is New in Microsoft 365-March 2024

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In this blog, we’ll explore the latest updates for Microsoft Teams, Copilot, Viva Engage, and Microsoft Power Platform.


Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft 365 is always getting better with new tools and features to help people work together. One cool new thing is Copilot in Teams. This is a really useful tool for people who have a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license. It helps you manage your digital chats better. It can give you answers, insights, and suggestions based on your chat messages. One neat feature is that it can make summaries of your weekly chats for you.

What Can Copilot Tell You?

Copilot looks through your messages and finds important stuff like:

  • New team members
  • Task assignments, completions, and deadlines
  • Key decisions and shared opinions
  • Meeting schedules and updates
  • File sharing and document edits
  • Discussion topics and raised questions
  • Feedback and accolades
  • Encountered challenges and proposed solutions
  • Announcements and event planning
  • Weekend plans of team members

It's easy to search for specific things using Copilot, like by date, channel, person, or keyword. This helps you work better and be more proactive.

Microsoft Power Platform:

Copilot with Power Apps

Copilot is now integrated with Power Apps from Microsoft, making app development easier than ever. With the help of AI and natural language processing, it simplifies the process of creating custom apps and improves data analysis. Building modern apps is now easier with new features like controls, designs that work well on different devices, and tools for working together.


Transforming Web Development with Power Pages:

Power Pages brings in a new interactive Copilot that assists in every step of creating a website, from designing to securing it. This feature makes building websites easier by offering smart solutions for designing layouts, editing content, and integrating data. It guarantees that websites are easy to use, interesting, and safe by providing extensive libraries of controls and helpful analytics.


Simplifying Automation with Power Automate:

Power Automate is making it even easier to automate tasks with its Copilot feature. Now, it's available for different workflows, making the automation process smoother using natural language processing. This helps users find ways to make their automations better, create efficient workflows, and manage them easily. It also makes maintaining and getting notifications for large-scale solutions better.


Microsoft Viva

Improving Team Collaboration with Microsoft Viva Engage:

Microsoft Viva now includes Answers in Viva Engage Communities, making it easier to find information in hybrid work setups. By connecting Answers with Viva Engage communities and Copilot, it makes sharing information smooth, ensuring that relevant questions and answers are easily accessible for licensed users. This upgrade not only expands the reach of Answers across Microsoft 365 but also adds code snippets for a better knowledge-sharing experience.


Answers in Viva Engage are a big help for communities. They quickly solve about 25% of questions by directing users to similar questions that have been answered before. This saves time and effort for administrators and experts, who can then focus on more important tasks. The ‘Best Answer’ feature makes this even better by highlighting the most accurate response automatically, so there’s no need for additional expert help.



Answers will be an important part of Copilot. It acts as a smart AI-powered helper that utilizes the latest content generated by employees. This content is then reviewed and verified by experts in the relevant field, ensuring that it’s trustworthy and accurate.


Integration of Answers with Copilot:

Answers, which come from various sources including the dedicated Answers tab in Viva Engage and community discussions, will be incorporated into Copilot’s extensive knowledge base. This way, Copilot’s information will stay up-to-date. If users want to double-check the accuracy of Copilot’s responses, they can use Answers to verify them with a real knowledgeable person.


Transitioning from Viva Topics to Copilot:

Microsoft has revealed that Viva Topics will be stopped in February 2025, coinciding with the introduction of Copilot. As a result, Microsoft has stopped adding new features to Viva Topics as of February 2024 in preparation for this transition.


Copilot for Finance:

Microsoft has introduced a new tool called Copilot for Finance. It’s part of a suite of Copilot tools designed for teams. Here’s what it does:

Simplifies Financial Tasks: Copilot for Finance uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make financial work easier. It can handle things like data entry and reviews.

Automates Workflows: Instead of doing repetitive tasks manually, Copilot automates them. This frees up time for more important work.

Insights Within Microsoft 365: It’s integrated with Microsoft 365, so you can access it right where you work.

Works with Excel, Outlook, and ERP Systems: Copilot for Finance connects with these tools, making financial processes smoother.

Cool Features: It can do things like analyzing variances in Excel using natural language, automating reconciliation processes, and creating reports and visuals for sharing.

We hope you liked this month’s update! You can use the features we mentioned to make things easier and better for employees. We often share tips about Microsoft 365, so you can subscribe to our newsletter for more helpful info. Or just reach out to our team if you have questions!


Are you prepared to make work easier? Ctelecoms is available to assist! With our knowledge in Microsoft tools such as Copilot and Teams, we’ll enhance your team’s efficiency and make work more enjoyable. Contact us today, and let’s begin creating an awesome workday!

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