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What’s new in Microsoft365-April updates

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 Microsoft Outlook


1- New Email Feature for Microsoft 365 Coming Soon 

Microsoft 365’s email service, Exchange Online, usually has rules on how many emails you can send, based on three things: how many people you can send to at once, how many people you can send emails to in total, and how fast you can send emails. We’re happy to share that we’re introducing a new feature called High Volume Email (HVE) for Microsoft 365. This is great for customers who want to send more emails than the usual limits allow.

HVE works on a pay-as-you-go system, meaning you pay depending on how many emails you send. But during the early look phase, called Public Preview, HVE won’t cost anything, and you can send emails to up to 100,000 different people every day for each customer. HVE is made for sending lots of emails within a company, and it works well with other business programs and gadgets to help with big email jobs.

When is this happening? It’s starting in early April 2024 and should be all set by the end of April 2024.


2- New Sending Limit for Emails to People Outside Your Company in Exchange Online Starting in January 2025,

Exchange Online will have a new rule for how many emails you can send to people outside your company. You’ll be able to send emails to up to 2,000 different people outside your company within 24 hours.

Right now, Exchange Online lets you send emails to up to 10,000 people in total for mailboxes it hosts. The new 2,000 limit for people outside your company will be part of this bigger 10,000 limit. The overall limit isn’t changing, and both limits will reset every 24 hours. If you reach the 2,000 limit for outside people, you can still send emails to 8,000 people inside your company during the same day. If you don’t send any emails to outside people in a day, you can send emails to up to 10,000 people inside your company.


3- Change in Email Sending Method for Exchange Online 

We’re letting you know that Exchange Online will stop using the old way of checking who you are when sending emails (known as Basic authentication for Client Submission or SMTP AUTH) in September 2025. After that, apps and devices will have to use a newer method called OAuth for sending emails with SMTP AUTH.

If the program you use to send emails doesn’t work with OAuth and you need to keep using the old Basic Auth method, you’ll need to pick a new option before September 2025:

  • If you’re sending emails to people within your own company using Basic Auth, you can switch to Microsoft 365 High Volume Email. This lets you send a lot of emails without any trouble.
  • If you’re sending emails to people both inside and outside your company using Basic Auth, you can use Azure Communication Services Email. This service helps you manage emails to all your contacts.
  • If you have your own email server set up in a mixed way with Exchange Online, you can still use Basic Auth to connect to your own server, or you can set up your server to let emails be sent without needing to check who’s sending them. This is called setting up an anonymous relay on your servers.

Microsoft Loop

- New Feature: Loop Components in Microsoft OneNote 

Loop components are coming to Microsoft OneNote to help teams work better together and get more done. To use this, go to Insert > Loop in OneNote. There, you can make a new Loop component or add a link to one that’s already made, and it will appear right in your OneNote workspace.


Microsoft loop

This new feature will start being added in early April 2024 and should be ready for everyone to use by early May 2024.


Microsoft OneDrive


- New Feature: Add Text Boxes to PDFs in OneDrive 

This update for Microsoft OneDrive lets you write on PDFs using text boxes. This works when your PDFs are saved in OneDrive or SharePoint. To write on a PDF, just open it and click Edit. Here’s how to do it:
  • Find the PDF you want to write on in OneDrive.
  • Press Edit to start making changes.

This new feature will start rolling out in mid-May 2024 and should be available to everyone by early June 2024.


Microsoft Intune

1- Microsoft Intune Now Lets You Fully Control Macs Remotely 

If your company uses Mac computers, it’s really important to be able to help users remotely in a safe and effective way. Microsoft Intune is working on making it possible for IT managers to handle any kind of device. With the latest update, IT support teams can do more than just look at Macs; they can actually take over and control them. This makes fixing problems and helping users faster and easier. Whether it’s setting things up, solving technical issues, or helping people who use the computers, IT support can get things done without delay.

2- Easier Way to Get Special Access for Apps with Endpoint Privilege Management 

Endpoint Privilege Management has been helping IT experts keep things secure for a year by making sure regular users have just enough access to do their jobs. Before, IT experts set special rules for the apps everyone uses a lot. If someone needed special access for an app without rules, they couldn’t get it right away and had to ask for help. Now, there’s an easier way with a new feature that lets support teams approve these special access requests.


Microsoft Copilot

1- Copilot for Teams to be Available After Meetings on Mobile 

Besides using Copilot in Microsoft Teams on your phone during a meeting, you’ll soon be able to use it to ask questions about meetings after they’re over.

This will start happening in early May 2024 and should be finished by late May 2024.


2- Copilot in Stream:

A New Tool for Microsoft 365 Users Copilot in Stream is a new feature that will be added to Microsoft 365. It will help you get information from videos quickly. With this tool, you can:

  • Get a summary of a video to find the important parts to watch.
  • Ask questions about the video to understand it better.
  • Find where certain people, teams, or subjects are talked about, so you can go straight to those parts.
  • See what actions you can take and how you can help with what’s discussed in the video.

This feature will be available starting from late April 2024.


3- Updates to Microsoft Copilot in Outlook:

Better Tracking and Search Features Microsoft Outlook is getting new updates that will help keep track of things better and search more easily with Copilot in Outlook. These improvements are for features that are already out and for new ones coming soon. They will work on Outlook for Mac, the web, iPhone, Android, and the new Outlook for Windows.

These updates will start rolling out in mid-April 2024 and should be all done by late April 2024.


4- New Controls for Copilot in Microsoft Teams Meetings:

Your organization will have new options for using Copilot during Teams meetings. You can choose to have Copilot on with a transcript that stays available after the meeting. Before, meeting leaders could change Copilot settings, but now there will be two main choices:
  • Copilot on with transcript means you must have a written record of the meeting.
  • Copilot on means you can use it without a transcript.

After the update, if you pick on only with transcript, you can only have meetings where Copilot makes a transcript. Before the update, you could choose to have Copilot with or without a transcript. After the update, you can decide if Copilot is allowed:

  • Only during the meeting
  • During and after the meeting

This change will start in late April 2024 and should be finished by early May 2024.


5- Talk to Copilot Right in Outlook:

Now, not only can you write and sum up emails, but you can also talk to Copilot straight from the new Outlook for Windows and the web version with your work or school account. It’s just like how you use Copilot in other Microsoft 365 apps. Copilot can help you quickly find a certain email, give you a rundown of your meetings, or point out emails that might need your attention. You can even ask it to sort your inbox fast by asking things like, “What’s the newest email from my boss?” or “Find emails where I’m mentioned.”

This will be available when it’s officially released.


6- Copilot for Microsoft 365:

Now Open for More Plans Copilot for Microsoft 365, which helps with tasks across Microsoft apps, is now ready to buy for more types of plans. If you have Microsoft 365 F1 and F3, Office 365 E1, or Microsoft 365 Business Basic, you can get Copilot  for Microsoft365 from Ctelecoms now.

Ctelecoms Ctelecoms is ready to help Saudi companies use new technology to stay ahead and be creative. These updates will simplify complex tasks, provide better IT support, and offer advanced AI assistance across various applications, making daily operations smoother and more efficient.

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