Disaster Recovery in your business

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What is a Disaster Recovery plan?
Disaster Recovery (DR), is a series of security planning that deals with protecting business from any man-made or natural disasters (theft, terrorism, virus- attacks, earthquakes, fires, floods…etc.) which may result in data loss or serious damage.
DR measures
Having a DR plan is inevitable if you want to ensure your devices and sensitive material are safe and retrievable in case of any mishaps.
Here are some necessary DR methods that need to be taken into account:
  1. Security checking to prevent any hacking or attacks
  1. Physical security measures such as surveillance cameras, threat detection/monitoring
  1. Access control
  1. Backups to retrieve lost or damaged data
Ctelecoms DR services
We offer a variety of advanced and value-added security measures to ensure maximum security and data back-up. Please take the time to browse our marketplace for solutions that best meet your business demands!