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Local Area Network (LAN)

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What is a LAN?
LAN or Local Area Network, is a computer network within a small geographical area, (local), for example, at home, in a school or in a company. The connection can be between various network devices such as PCs, printers, scanners…etc.
Big benefits for small companies!
Because LANs connect devices across a small area, they are great for smaller companies and offices!
Here are some benefits of LANs:
  1. Cheaper: Because LANs connect networks together, this saves operating costs as devices can be shared within an office instead of having to buy an individual device for each person.
  2. Secure: The majority of networking devices have built-in security such as Firewall. Network backups also ensure your data is 100% safe.
  3. LANs are fast, easy to setup and usually cost-effective.
  4. Enhanced performance
  5. Improved customer service
Ctelecoms’ LANs
We offer LAN solutions that are secure, reliable and cost-effective to give you the best connections in your offices. You can check out all our solutions in our marketplace!

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