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Constructing Datacenter For AlBasateen Village!


AL Basateen Village is one of Jeddah’s most unique residential compounds with huge landscaped gardens, terraces and elegant architecture. Their top priority is to accommodate all the diverse needs of its local and international residents.

What the client needed

The client’s concern was to streamline and maintain excellent customer service to their residential compounds by:
• Providing a consistent 24/7/365 flow of electricity to their entire residents.
• Keeping the internet connection up and running all the time.

Solution & benefits

Keeping all the unique needs of Al- Basateen village in mind, Ctelecoms began by carefully planning for the datacenter’s location, hardware and infrastructure.
Our datacenter engineers and network specialists designed an effective strategy for capacity planning which included: virtualization, redundancy and a healthy dose of unpredictability solutions. And from the ground up, we constructed a highly-efficient datacenter with the following elements:

1- Underground cooling system with downflow cooling passing through perforated tiles.

2- Power connectivity under Raised floor.

3- Network connectivity above cabinets.

4- Parallel Redundancy (N+1), which means we supported the data center by power backups in place, and a duplication of critical datacenter components so that if any single system component experienced any kind of failure, it would automatically hand its job over to a substitute component ensuring that the data center along with its services will maintain availability and experience absolutely ZERO downtime.

The Power Redundancy we applied included:

  • 2 AC units for parallel redundancy cooling.
  • 2 UPSs that work collaboratively and share the power load.

The Network Redundancy included:

  • 2 Network cabinets (Network core switch, firewall, switching, connectivity…)
  • 4 server cabinets

5- Renewable warranty: includes full annual support from Ctelecoms’ experts.

You are about to preview a 3D chart of the work done on this project. Just hold on for a moment, and then feel free to flip around this 3D chart:

Ctelecoms Datacenter solution has unlocked numerous opportunities for our customer who is now witnessing several revolutionary advantages. With non-stop 24/7 electricity and internet connection – thanks to our flawless and reliable datacenter system – our client has now added more compelling reasons for his customers to keep coming back, telling stories about Al- Basateen top-quality services and excellent accommodations.

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