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Building Data Center for Al-Haddad Telecom Group

Al-Haddad redesigns data center to boost availability

“The job done by Ctelecoms was outstandingly proficient and highly focused on our challenges and aspirations. We are very proud to have chosen Ctelecoms to execute a data center project for Al-Haddad.”

- Mr. Anas Mosa, Group IT Director at Al-Haddad Telecom Group


Al-Haddad Telecom Group is a leading telecom company in Saudi Arabia and one of the fastest-growing companies in the Middle East with over 1.000 employees offering an extensive range of mobile devices, tablets, audio equipment, accessories and after sales services through a multi-channel approach to technology retailing.

Situation before the solution

1- The client’s old data center was extremely outdated and unable to handle the sudden, persistent power outages affecting not only their customer services, but also their entire day-to-day operations.

2- The cooling system was defective and allowing for humidity to take place.

3- The DC room was so disorganized and the risks of high temperature and scattered cabling along with the old, inefficient firefighting systems had added up to the customer’s burden with their old data center. Thus, the customer was deeply in need for an effective solution to resolve the situation.

Project Challenges

  • Business goals were outpacing infrastructure capabilities.
  • Infrastructure performance and resiliency did not meet company standards.
  • Server and network management was increasingly time consuming and complex.
  • Unexpected power shutdown.
  • Upgrading the datacenter and extending its environment needed to be done without causing any downtime or affecting the customer’s workflow.
  • The data center needed a thorough re-arrangement in order to perform efficiently, accommodate new facilities and provide space for any future data center cabinets and hardware.


First and foremost, we created an effective plan to avoid downtime and keep the customer’s operations up and running during business hours. Then we began with a powerful strategy that included the following steps:
• Provide a roadmap for new and improved services.

• Expand the data center space and allow for DC integration.

• Undertake a major datacenter refresh and validate the design for a new, integrated data center.
• Build new infrastructure that includes:

  • Under raised-floor facilities
  • Cable tray
  • DC isolation
  • False ceiling
  • New cooling, firefighting and security systems
  • New power and network connectivity capabilities
  • Power generator


We empowered the IT staff at Al-Haddad Telecom Group to be more productive by transforming their data center management and giving them an exceptional level of guidance to make the most of their new data center infrastructure. As a result, they now enjoy:

  • Simplified data center management and improved reliability.
  • Guaranteed 99.99% availability, zero downtime and optimal data center performance.
  • Scaled up infrastructure to meet business needs and significantly improve customers service by fulfilling the increasing availability demands.
  • Significantly increased cabling and hardware efficiency.
  • Improved network capabilities and overall security, leading to streamlined daily operations and guaranteed peace of mind.
  • Increased agility and allowed infrastructure to scale for enterprise-wide deployment.
  • Reduced time to deploy, replace, and upgrade hardware.
  • Slashed network maintenance costs by 30 percent.
  • Having a centralized data center after shutting down two legacy data centers.

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