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Jeddah Economic Company Restructures Its Datacenter Cables

The situation before implementing the solution
The situation after implementing the solution

"Ctelecoms have fulfilled our expectations and created a professional, highly-organized environment that suits our business needs perfectly. With their knowledgeable IT technicians, team spirit, sharp punctuality, and collaborative efforts, Ctelecoms have done an excellent job serving our demands in a professional and satisfying manner. Thanks to Ctelecoms we’re now able to focus on our business growth and handle our IT matter easily. I absolutely recommend Ctelecoms for anyone seeking professional datacenter solutions in the kingdom."                         

- Turki Al-Ahdal, IT Officer at Jeddah Economic Company


Jeddah Economic Company (JEC) is among the top real estate giants in Saudi Arabia. The company is in charge of building the 3,280-feet-tall (1,000-meter-tall) Jeddah Tower, the soon be known as the world's next tallest building opening in 2020. JEC needed to have their datacenter cabling organization done right, and here’s where Ctelecoms, one of the best data center solutions providers in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah and Al-Riyadh), stepped in to enhance the datacenter’s overall reliability and efficiency.


With DC cables tangled in disorganized heaps, they were not only taking a significantly longer amount of time to make sense of what’s going on, but also leading to decreased efficiencies and increased maintenance headaches. The company and its employees needed easy access to the cables themselves and to the devices they’re connected to. To accomplish this and to eliminate the concern all together, JEC needed to clean the mess of its datacenter spaghetti cables.


Ctelecoms was required to handle the problem by implementing a top-quality, well-structured cabling solution. The biggest challenge was that we only had 3 days to get everything sorted, causing zero downtime to the client’s overall operations.

Solution & Benefits:

Cable Structuring and Re-arrangement

Ctelecoms began by sorting out the disorganized wires using structured cabling best practices to keep the whole wiring infrastructure organized and easily accessible. We were glad that 312 network points were expertly re-terminated within the specified timeline, solving all the structural issues affecting the company’s operations and peace of mind. The client’s IT department can now determine exactly where cables are headed and how they're connected together. Thus, they will need less time to swap out cables, access the cables they need to maintain, troubleshoot hardware faster, and perform other basic tasks more easily.

Brand New Servers + Network Connectivity Redundancy

We replaced the old, outdated servers with brand-new ones capable of handling larger loads and smoothing out the client’s critical operations. Besides, we implemented a number of new, redundant network connectivity components to ensure the client has power backups in place, mitigating any potential problems that could arise from power failure or outages.

Healthier Environment

Moves, additions, and changes to the infrastructure can now be implemented quickly without disorganized wires getting in the way. This decreases the odds of human error during repairs and changes, thus allowing for better use of IT funds and company time.

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