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Solving Datacenter Issues for Thimar Aljazirah Co.

The situation before implementing the solution
The situation after implementing the solution


Thimar Aljazirah Co. (TAC) is one of the leading healthcare distributors in the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Dental industries within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. TAC represents well-known international companies to offer the healthcare providers with state-of-the-art solutions and technologies coupled with high quality services. Thimar Aljazirah had plenty of issues with their data cener cabling, servers, power, and WAN connectivity - and here’s where Ctelecoms stepped in to enhance the datacenter’s overall reliability and efficiency.


With their small data center room, unorganized cabling, uneven raised floor, disorganized power cables, and crumbled walls - not to mention the humidity issues all over the place, the client’s data center was a complete mess. They not only needed easy access to the cables themselves and to the devices they’re connected to, but also a healthier data center environment that has everything into place. To accomplish this and to eliminate the concern all together, Ctelecoms implemented a set of strategic data center solutions.


The biggest challenge was that we had to get the job done during the weekend (3 days only) and avoid causing any downtime or disturbance to the client's day-to-day operations.

Solution & Benefits:

Cable Structuring and Re-arrangement

Ctelecoms began by fixing power cabling issues while sorting out the disorganized wires using structured cabling best practices to keep the whole wiring infrastructure organized and easily accessible. We've expertly solved all the structural issues affecting the company’s operations and peace of mind. The client’s IT department can now determine exactly where cables are headed and how they're connected together, making it easier for them to troubleshoot issues and manage new addiitons.

Post-installation maintenance to parts of the raised floor

Ctelecoms implemented all the necessary structural as well as environmental raised floor repairs. And of course, we targeted the root of the humidity issue by taking the necessary amendments into consideration - creating a more dynamic, healthier data center environment.

Necessary Data Center Reparis

We replaced the old servers with brand-new ones capable of handling larger loads and smoothing out the client’s critical operations. We also restructured network cabinets, server cabinets and WAN connectivity. Besides, we implemented other maintenance work that involved replacing the old PDUs with a standard ones, right-sizing power cables, and re-organizing user network points.

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