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Enabling Tasnee to Guarantee the Best Office365 Experience for 3000 Users

Customer: Tasnee Tasnee


National Industrialization Company (Tasnee) is one of the largest industrial and petrochemical companies in Saudi Arabia. Tasnee is recognized for its wide state-of-the art technologies and innovative solutions covering petrochemicals, chemicals, plastics, metals manufacturing, industrial services and environmental technologies. 


After migrating to and deploying Microsoft Office 365 across multiple locations, the customer experienced a number of performance issues, and could not specify whether they were user or location-specific. They wanted to be proactive when it comes to dealing with service and performance-related issues. Thus, they asked Ctelecoms to enable full visibility over users and see to what extent they can utilize the full power of Office 365 to their best advantage.


Ctelecoms provided GSX solution to ensure proactive, consolidated monitoring, visibility and reporting of Microsoft Office 365 experiences for 3,000 Office365 users distributed across 11 different locations.


Security complications caused the implementation to take a little longer than expected, yet the project was successfully completed within a short time-frame. 

Results & Benefits

GSX helped unlock full visibility on the actual quality of service delivered to a huge number of widely dispersed Office365 users. It also provided proactive monitoring to continuously measure user experiences, and help troubleshoot any issues faster while reducing complexity and increasing ROI from their investments.
Tasnee were also experiencing huge outages due to some network-related issues. GSX helped identify those exact issues that could not be otherwise identified – streamlining experiences and enabling Tasnee to focus on what matters most: their business.