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Saudi Ministry of Media Datacenter Restructuring Project | Ctelecoms

As a Saudi IT company with a vision to empower our community with world-class IT solutions, Ctelecoms is very proud to have implemented a datacenter restructuring project for Saudi Ministry of Media. Working for such a dignified national entity has been great pleasure for us. This brief case study illustrates the situation before our actual involvement in the project, along with the challenges, timeframe and outcome.

Problems / Situation Before Involving Ctelecoms

  • The result of +15 years of moves, adds and changes is that the Ministry of Media’s data center cabling got too untidy to permit efficient operations and fault-finding.
  • The spaghetti cabling along with the mislabeling and cable connecting errors were creating big troubles for the IT management and putting several parts of the data center at risk of fire and physical damage.
  • Cable tracing was too difficult to achieve.
  • Adding any new piece of equipment was a HUGE challenge.
  • Hardware management complications were exponentially increasing.

The client’s data center was in huge need for:

  • Total cable routing and restructuring.
  • More streamlined datacenter environment that allows for easier IT management.
  • Server re-positioning based on certain service categories.
  • Reduced troubleshooting and maintenance time for IT managers.
  • Cable tray for power and data cabling under raised floor.

Here’s how we addressed all issues and promoted data center efficiency with our comprehensive IT solutions:

    Key Project Challenge

    It’s worth mentioning that time was the most critical factor for Ctelecoms, and the project was successfully completed in as few as 60 hours – keeping downtime partial and to the absolute minimum.

    Getting Down to Work

    Using our tried and tested minimum-timescale, minimum-risk processes and minimum disruption, Ctelecoms made plans to refresh the entire data center cabling, moving things up to the best practice and allowing for a ‘brand-new data center’ look.

    The Outcome / Situation After Involving Ctelecoms

    Bringing our best-in-class expertise, Ctelecoms accomplished the following:
    • Restructuring the entire cabling under raised floor and re-organizing the datacenter cabins to efficiently support a growing range of infrastructure requirements.
    • Repositioning and categorizing existing server cabins based the type of service offered by the Ministry.
    • Re-organizing data center cabins to enable them to breathe easier and reduce the risk of overheating.
    • Replacing old network equipment with new ones and supporting the quick and easy deployment of new services.
    • Performing a thorough documentation and labelling for data center devices and cabling.
    • Streamlining data center management, simplifying maintenance, improving cable traceability and reducing troubleshooting time.
    • Delivering an enhanced level of flexibility and enabling IT managers to make informed decisions and easily accommodate moves, adds or changes.
    • Dramatically reducing installation time and ensuring optimum adaptability to any network infrastructure amendments.
    • Improving operational efficiency of equipment and overall performance.
    The result is a high level of simplicity, flexibility and straightforwardness – transforming the whole data center environment from chaotic to exceptional.