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UMG Building Data Center


United Matbouli Group is the exclusive distributor for Samsung home appliances and consumer electronics in KSA. The company needed to eliminate defects in their IT Infrastructure and extract the maximum value from their IT investments for continuous improvement process. We built a totally flexible and nimble data center from the ground up, ensuring a healthier IT environment with high reliability, security, delivery precision and cost control.

The situation before the solution:

The old data center was not efficient to make for adequate, comfortable and thriving work environment. The old DC problems were mainly in:


(Normal AC units - weak airflow - no redundancy - water leakage).


(Weak UPS System - no Generator - system failure in case of power failure -hardware damage with electrical sparks).

Physical Security:

  • The DC was not monitored and therefore required periodical physical visits for overall checks.
  • Any unexpected fire could spread and reach other areas in the building.
  • The firefighting system was basic, inefficient and not integrated with the cooling system.


The client really needed a monitoring solution, because if there happened to be any heat, humidity or water leakage accidents, no alarm would be raised and this might cause hardware failures.


  • The connectivity was not organized nor managed, and it was hard to track issues.
  • Adding a new server had no procedures and required too much work.
  • High speed connectivity would not work.

The situation after the solution:

The strategic data center implementation that we delivered was perfectly positioned to achieve top-quality performance, faster technology innovation and greater business value through significant cost savings and productivity gains.    

The key-solutions are:

  • Implementation of two CRAC unites were with synchronization feature to load balancing and failover.
  • Fully redundant power system with two UPSs and two distribution panels.
  • A generator to cover all the facilities, ensuring a totally protected power capability of 60 KVA and 50 circuit breakers.
  • Fully managed connectivity solution with high-speed backbone cabling, and ready interconnect cabling.
  • IT risks at all levels were completely managed. 

The key-benefits are:

  • IT Infrastructure platform that is reliable and cutting edge.
  • Maximized performance, efficiency and business productivity.
  • Healthier, safer and happier workplace environment.
  • Fostered business agility and greater flexibility.
  • Overall infrastructure and IT costs reduction.