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Digitize Your World With Ctelecoms New, Exclusive Solution!

Digitize Your World With Ctelecoms New, Exclusive Solution!

Do you find yourself wasting a lot of time searching over paper documents, such as CVs, invoices, managerial papers or contracts? Do you feel afraid of losing your important papers?

No matter the size of your business, there has never been a better time for you to digitize your documents with Ctelecoms’ incredibly powerful solution: Fotopia.

What is Fotopia?

Paper documents can get lost, stolen or wasted by an accident or a natural disaster. But with Fotopia, all your documents can be digitized, securely stored on the cloud, easily searchable, editable and always available to you no matter what.

Fotopia is an intuitive solution that helps you bring non-digital documents or images into an ECM or library, irrespective of their quality and location. Fotopia enables you to quickly and easily scan, view, edit, annotate, sign, stamp and add notes to files or even poor-quality documents in the best possible resolution. You can also allow secure access to any number of authorized users simultaneously.

The Exclusive Fotopia Solution Provider in KSA

Ctelecoms is the only IT company in KSA who provides this outstandingly unique solution for Saudi companies of every size and industry. By bringing this EXCLUSIVE solution to the table, Ctelecoms aims to enable businesses in Saudi Arabia to have all their critical information in a safe and controlled environment where automatic backup procedures can be implemented quickly and easily. The result is peace of mind, knowing that in the event of a data crash or worse, an enterprise can recover in as little as minutes – regardless of the failure, disaster or loss.

Features & Benefits of Fotopia Solution

Seamless Integration with Office 365

Fotopia integrates seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 to deliver a smooth flow of scanned documents into their correct locations for secure access and sharing by any authorized user.

Turn paper into editable, digitized documents

Digitize and easily tag your documents with different search terms relevant to your organization so that whenever you need a specific document, you can easily search for and retrieve it by number, customer name, date, order number… etc.

Get the most from your valuable investment!

Fotopia Capture helps automate document processing by naming, indexing, formatting, and routing any document to the correct storage location. The result: more productivity, less time spent.

Keep your people in the loop!

Allow authorized users to quickly access information stored electronically in an ECM. This will help your employees become more efficient and more empowered to focus on customers.

Get Fotopia Solution from Ctelecoms!

Ctelecoms provides this unique solution for small, medium and large organizations in Saudi Arabia. Now you can confidently enter the modern world of digitization, where all your documents can be electronically archived, indexed and edited at any time, from any place.

If you’re a large organization that has limitless number of documents and not enough time or resources to get the job done, Ctelecoms can dedicate a specialized team of technicians to do the digitizing for you.

Get this outstanding solution from Ctelecoms now!


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