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Why Ctelecoms?

  1. Knowledge transfer

    Consolidated Telecoms embraces the concept of Market Maturity Development. We work on pin pointing your business challenges solving them with precision and ease by implementing the best possible and at the ready solutions that boost and leverage your business productivity and efficiency.

    A client may have a variety of solutions in hand but not know which one works best for their business or which ones give them the highest advantages, and that's where we, Ctelecoms come to the rescue! We offer you free IT consultation services when adopting our solutions! 

    The quality of all our solutions and services speak for themselves. Consolidated Telecoms provide all our clients with the ideal and most effective business, network and IT infrastructure solutions that meet their highest expectations and business demands. With Ctelecoms business solutions, customers can establish great ways to achieve goals and methods to increase their business efficiency, reduce costs and deliver top quality results! You can rely on our professional service in each and every stage of your project.

    Ctelecoms are based in Saudi Arabia-Jeddah and we extend cost effective and fast delivered solutions to all our customers that your company will surely love!

  2.  Quality

    The first thing that comes to mind when we think about quality is Prophet Muhammad's saying (PBUH) "Verily, Allah loves that when any one (of you) performs a task, they perfect it to the fullest." And you can be certain that fulfilling our prophet's saying is our be-all-and-end-all thus, you never have to worry about our services or the service quality we offer. The core of everything we do is the balance we strike between understanding your challenges and implementing the most advanced means of technology in order to completely transform your company to the better.

    Since 2007, our main focus has been on you! And that is what makes offering an uncompromised user experience for your satisfaction our number one priority. We have a limited network of specialized partners who offer the finest solutions and services. Consolidated Telecoms aim to provide you with exceptional services that fulfill all your business demands.

  3.  Highly-experienced team

    Our qualified team of expert technicians are always at the ready to handle customer's networking, business and infrastructure issues. We make sure all our clients receive the absolute top services by providing them with our intelligent and innovative business solutions in order to maintain a thriving business. Ctelecoms will always be there for you and your customers even after adopting our value added and top quality solutions!

  4. Our customer's business is just as imprtant as the solution!

    We have no standard or ready-made solution to offer you and your clients because each customer's needs and demands differs from the other, but you can be sure that once we determine your exact business requirements, you and your customers will most definitely enjoy an inexpensive, fast delivery and precise installation of top quality and value added end-to-end solutions.

    We make sure to put a strong emphasis on the businesses of our customers so that they will not only be able to address their demands accurately, but they will also have the ability to take and achieve the most strategic steps towards enjoying a healthier and more successful work environment.

  5. Curious enough to take risks?

    In addition to providing the best up-to-date IT infrastructure, networking and business solutions, we seek to maintain and develop an effective and positive risk taking plan which involves several analysis, calculations, and experiments that allow us to better circumvent our customer's problems and limit minor issues that could, in the long run, evolve into "business disasters".

  6. We are flexible

    We, along with our exclusive network of highly specialized partners are highly responsive to your needs and expectations and are open to any ideas or plans that you would like us to host in order to boost your satisfaction. Consolidated Telecoms always meets the deadlines and quickly generates the appropriate and authentic ideas that feature high quality and outstanding performance. We incorporate scalability and flexibility in all our solutions that are adapted to your individual requirements.

  7. We offer Specialized Engineering Studies!

    The extensive know-how we have here at Ctelecoms enables us to employ our specialized engineering studies, plan out the steps that must precede a specific project and allow rapid project success. It also calculates and deals with all the obstacles that are likely to occur by heading them off before they arise. Ctelecoms looks forward to helping you thrive in today's challenging business environments, control financial costs and accelerate your business growth!

    Please contact us if you have any questions or require any additional information.

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