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Responsibility in Society

Ctelecoms is an Islamic company that puts social responsibility on top of its list, this is because building a better society as well as maximizing the impact of our efforts is amongst our top priorities. Our religious beliefs and moral regards motivate us to offer the best of the best. We also realize that it is our duty as well as our desire to make a difference in the market world! 

‘Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.’
Albert Einstein

At Ctelecoms, we provide charitable activities which focus on offering assistance and support whenever needed.

We love what we do! And we know that having a strong passion for all the things we offer allows us to reach above and beyond what is expected.

Our support extends to all those working with us and for us as well as the community which we are a part of.

We exert our best efforts to strike a balance between our commercial activities and our charitable endeavors in order to conceive every possible opportunity to support orphans and the needy on a monthly basis, we also try our hardest to enhance the affectivity and equip charities in KSA.

Ctelecoms have also worked on close ties with some NGOs and non-profit organizations on a number of award winning projects such as:


A specialized center for treatment and psychological support.


A service portal that brings all non-profit foundations and charities together under a single harmonic combination for the purpose of simplifying their work


We are very proud to have worked with these exceptional organizations and we wholeheartedly hope that these projects will continue to thrive and prosper!