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Networking projects

Customer: National Marketing Company

Issue: SPAM emails broke communication with external contacts.

Solution:Cisco IronPort email Security solution.

Details: The customer’s email service had been blocked by the service provider due to a lot of SPAM emails sent from/to his Exchange server. Upon implementing the solution, the IronPort has blocked all the SPAM emails which were consuming 98% of his email traffic.

Customer: A’ayan leasing and Investing Company.

Issue: Small space office for all employees.

Solution: Cisco telephony feature (Extension Mobility).

Details: The customer had a many employees and a small office. Upon implementing the Cisco telephony solution with Extension mobility feature, he saved from his office rent by making two shifts for his employees using the same telephones sets (day and night).

Customer: Arabian United Float Glass.

Issue: The client needed to manage his stock using handheld devices throughout 250,000 m2 warehouses.

Solution: Implementing a full coverage wireless solution on the warehouses.

Details: The customer had a lot of space but a small number of employees to cover the entire warehouse with real time updating the stock and managing the shipping of the material. Upon implementing the wireless solution covering the entire warehouses, it takes only five employees with barcode scanners to update the stock on the fly.

Customer: Modern Trading Agency.

Issue: High STC bills for in-between branches calls.

Solution: Implementing Cisco IP telephony solution in all 6 branches with the Head office.

Details: The customer used to pay a lot of money for employees’ communication between different branches across KSA. Upon implementing IP telephony solution , the STC bills have been reduced to 30%  due to free calls between the users which increased the productivity as well (dialing extensions instead of landlines and operator involvement).

Customer: Roots Steel

Issue: Remote abroad high management needed to be reached through IP phones from out of KSA.

Solution: Implementing Cisco Firewall (ASA) with phone VPN setup.

Details: The customer has Cisco telephony and the management needed to reach employees through extensions by using their IP phones from out of KSA with any internet connection. Upon implementing Cisco ASA with any connected VPN for phones, the managers can have their IP phones registered from anywhere with internet connection and take their extension enhancing the reachability and speeding up the decision making from high management.

Customer: UMG (United Matboly group).

Issue: The client needed to know the exact number of calls the operator handles and each extension call log.

Solution: Implementing Cisco Telephony solution with operator system and billing system.

Details: Upon implementing a cisco telephony solution for the Head office (500 users), we implanted an operator system for four agents handling the calls coming to the corporate and distributing them to the concerned employee. And also by using the billing system, the management can tell exactly the high call volume periods and make decisions accordingly.

Customer: Al-Malki

Issue: The client needed to provide all users with their IP phone extensions even on mobiles.

Solution: Integrating MS Lync system with Cisco telephony system.

Details: Upon integrating the two systems together, any employee can be reached by dialing his extension so that his IP phone rings simultaneously with his mobile (Lync client), and he gets the call (no matter if he’s inside the company or out). This solution ensures that the productivity will be increased as more costs will be reduced.

Customer: Mohamed BinLaden Company.

Issue: The client needed prayer Azan to be announced in all offices to let the employees know the time of the prayer.

Solution: Implementing IP telephony solution with Paging System.

Details: Upon implementing the solution all of the IP phones, the Azan will be automatically announced on time so that all employees get notified on the timing of each prayer.