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United Matbouli Group

DC Project

Implementing a strategic Data Center for UMG to help them achieve top-quality performance, faster technology innovation and greater business value through significant cost savings and productivity gains.


Elmerk CPF and Lot 3 Telecom facility

Engineering, Execution of Telecom part including (Cables laying, pretesting, Termination and end to end testing of Business LAN, Secure LAN, PAGA, Access control and IPTV).

National Marketing Company

Full HQ Cabling

Full innovation for the building’s cabling with its expansion

National Marketing Company

Full WH Setup

Cabling, CCTV and Access Control

Arabian Float Glass Company

CCTV Project

Study and implementation for CCTV project to cover the WH area.

Aqeel Business Center

Full Cabling

Full cabling, cable trays work for the building

Almutabbagani HQ

Cabling termination, testing

Termination, testing and labeling for all the new HQ.

Al-Amoudi Exchange

Data Center Preparation

DC preparation (UMG in a small scale)

Yanbu National Hospital

Full Building cabling

Full building cabling and DC preparation