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Creating Secure Remote Working Environment For Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University

Solution Overview

The Coronavirus (or COVID19) outbreak left no choice for public and private sectors across Saudi Arabia but to have their staff work from home. Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University was no exception, yet its employees remained short of a reliable remote working solution. Ctelecoms was chosen to fill that gap by deploying Microsoft Teams across all distributed endpoints, making remote working feel like a breeze by enabling the university’s employees to securely and effectively collaborate from home.

Key Project Points:

Duration: 2 Weeks, starting on March 18, 2020

Goal: Activating Microsoft Teams for the entire university’s workforce in addition to providing how-to materials and training sessions to ensure everyone learns the ins and outs of Ms Teams and uses it as efficiently as possible.

Key Areas of Success:

Productivity soared by 80% - thanks to Microsoft’s robust set of collaboration and communication tools, conference meetings, groups and file-sharing capabilities.


"Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University did not have solutions that support remote working. We asked Ctelecoms to activate Microsoft Teams service for all our university’s staff, and they did great in terms of both: timing and proficiency! This has resulted in streamlining efficiencies, bringing in more flexibility and enabling everyone to meet together and the job done more productively – irrespective of their distributed locations. The Coronavirus or Covid-19 outbreak can no longer stand between us and the continuity of our success. We admire the teamwork spirit that Ctelecoms staff have and we highly appreciate their understanding of our needs along with the rapid response to our demands, including traning our staff to use remote working tools more efficiently."

Omar Abu Amra

Systems Administrator at Prince Sattam BIn Abdulaziz University - IT Dep