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Migrating Emails from Lotus Notes to Office 365

Customer: Juffali Juffali

Customer Problems & Requirements 

Juffali is the parent company under which there are several companies, each has a different field from the others and they have 4000 employees with Active Directory accounts. All the employees work on Lotus Note (email service) from the IBM company, but this service does not support Outlook so they cannot open an Outlook email on lotus note. Thus, they opened the Outlook from the IBM website and every employee in the company has a username and password that is different from the username and password of the device. All this resulted in E-mail handling difficulties, slowness and complications, with reduced security levels. 

Challenges & Solution 

Migrating all e-mails to Office 365 for an extremely large number of employees who have accounts with different usernames and passwords. Email centralization to enable staff to unify their usernames and passwords. EMS (SSPR) Self Service Password Reset to enable each employee to reset his password. The result is better security along with easier and more flexible e-mailing environment running at a superior speed.