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Join the legendary printing revolution, save money on every print and get dazzling results with high-quality HP printers!
Join the legendary printing revolution, save money on every print and get dazzling results with high-quality HP printers!

Ctelecoms is widely recognized among the top regional HP suppliers in KSA. We provide Saudi organizations with high quality, original HP ink and toner cartridges for all types of HP printers. HP is well-known for its professional quality results and you can rest assured that all HP printing supplies are manufactured with the most rigorous standards in mind to meet all your needs for top-quality printing outcomes.

Original does not mean expensive!

It may seem smart for people to purchase cheap, non-original cartridges for their printer(s), but are they actually aware of the real cost of this unwise printing practice?

As a matter of fact, the few dollars you may have saved today with those cheap cartridges will most likely turn into hundreds of wasted dollars tomorrow in your efforts to cover the sudden, recurrent maintenance and repair costs. Not to mention the invisible costs of downtime, paper waste, and overall disturbance.

Okay let’s face it, the original HP ink and toner cartridges are absolutely not the cheapest ink available in the market, but they will definitely guarantee the value of your money in both the short and long term.

With a legacy of printing excellence, over 13,000 imaging and printing patents worldwide, Original HP cartridges are sophisticated pieces of technology, whereas non-HP cartridges don’t live up to their promises. Ctelecoms gives you the facts to help you discover the true value of HP Originals and make the right decision about how to invest your printing budgets.

Order your original HP Ink or Toner Cartridge NOW!

Make all the difference with original HP cartridges

It is important to emphasize that using original HP ink and toner cartridges ensures that you do not put your printer at risk. Whereas non-original ink cartridges will sooner or later leave you with streaked, blotchy or faded prints, often leading to unwanted results that will definitely compromise your printer’s efficiency along with the quality of your prints.

Original HP ink & toner cartridges are manufactured by HP itself, ensuring that customers are always satisfied with the quality of their prints. No matter what you’re printing, only genuine HP cartridges—thanks to their incredible compatibility with the innovative HP Printers—can guarantee your satisfaction with ultra-high resolution texts and images. The result will speak for itself, and your color mix will appear as brightly as it looks on screen.

Just as much as high quality print outcome is important, printer’s durability and performance matter as well. And that’s where original HP Ink & Toner Cartridges act like magic. They are actually the key ingredients for your printer to remain as healthy and highly efficient as you first used it, making you feel like you’re using a brand-new printer all the time.

According to a recent BLI study, original HP ink cartridges are proved to yield more pages than non-Original HP cartridges, which means that you’ll get the best out of your printer every time!

Reliable performance

More than 40% of tested non-HP ink cartridges failed during use or right out of the box. Original HP ink cartridges worked every time.

Superior results

Count on Original HP printing supplies for impressive, consistent print quality and uncompromised performance.

Exceptional quality

Original HP ink and toner cartridges are backed by over 20 years of development, delivering the highest quality prints.

High efficiency

Printouts produced using Original HP inks and photo papers last typically more than 50x longer than non-HP inks.

Value for your money

Over 50% more pages than non-HP ink cartridges tested.

Reduced environmental impact

Convenient recycling at no additional cost

Make the most of your prints!

Only Original HP inks can flow easily enough to deliver the highest quality you desire. If you want your oranges to look orange instead of lemony, the original HP inks from Ctelecoms will get it done for you!

From HP Standard cartridges, to High Yield ink cartridges, to standard toner cartridges, to Economy toner cartridges or HP High Yield toner cartridges, Ctelecoms has got all the HP ink supplies you need to unleash the power of your printers. The diverse ink and toner cartridges we provide are all original and genuine, manufactured with your highest efficiency demands in mind.

Order your original HP supplies from Ctelecoms today!