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    Obtain advanced threat intelligence with a multilayered approach to secure inbound messages and sensitive outbound data. Get full protection against ransomware, business email compromise, spoofing, phishing, and more!

Importance of Email Security in Saudi Arabia

Email remains one of the most critical modes of communication for business of all sizes. It is no secret that web-based communications have invaded our lives to the extent that over 100 billion corporate emails are exchanged every single day. As email use rises, security becomes a greater priority, especially in Saudi Arabia where ransomware attacks are exponentially increasing.

While email spam and ransomware are becoming part of a complex email security picture with inbound threats and outbound risks, organizations in Saudi Arabia definitely need to take action to protect their businesses, sensitive information, financial data and whatever passes through their email gateways.

Super Weapons for Advanced Threats

Ctelecoms partnership with Cisco – the industry’s best and brightest – enables us to provide the latest Cisco Email Security Solution for our customers in Saudi Arabia. This solution is designed to safeguard businesses of all sizes against all dynamic, rapidly changing email threats.

What is Cisco Email Security (CES)?

The all-in-one Cisco Email Security Appliance is cost-effective, easy to deploy solution that needs only few maintenance requirements. The set-and-forget technology frees your staff from worrying about email protection as soon as the automated policy settings go live.

Ctelecoms will make sure that your security updates are automatically forwarded to Cisco’s cloud-based threat intelligence station. By this, we keep your intelligence data refreshed in the email appliance every 3 to 5 minutes to ensure you always have an up-to-date threat defense response hours or days before other vendors. With Cisco Email Security (CES), we guarantee you that all your data will be safer than ever!

Multi-layered Protection for Office 365 

Cisco Cloud Email Security CES also delivers a terrific security boost supported by multi-layered protection for Office 365 emails, regardless of how many inboxes your employees have. This added security intelligence protection is dynamically updated to be capable of blocking even the latest email-based threats before they take any action.


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