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Cisco Cloud Email Security Solution

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    Keep your inbound and outbound emails and data protected against ransomware, malware, business email compromise, phishing, spoofing, spam - and more.

Email remains the most critical business communication tool and, simultaneously, the primary vector for spreading malware, ransomware and other forms of cyber-attacks. Attackers also use social engineering to create sophisticated and highly targeted Business Email Compromise (BEC) and phishing campaigns.

Why Email Security Should Be A Priority for Saudi Businesses

As email use rises, security becomes a greater priority, especially in Saudi Arabia where phishing, spoofing, spam, and business email compromise are becoming part of a complex email security picture for organizations of all sizes and industries across KSA. Ransomware threats, as well, have added up to the worsening situation, making it more crucial than ever for Saudi companies to take action to protect their businesses, sensitive information, financial data and whatever passes through their email gateways.

Say Hello To Cisco Cloud Email Security

As Premier Cisco Partner in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh and western KSA), Ctelecoms offers a spate of Cisco security solutions to safeguard Saudi businesses against all dynamic, rapidly changing cyber threats by deploying a proactive security approach that detects and stop security threats before they infect a network or reach an endpoint.

Cisco Cloud Email Security provides the first layer of defense against cyber threats and protects sensitive outbound data. It guards against spam, fraudulent senders, infected files - whenever they become malicious - and blocks risky URLs to prevent attacks. Moreover, Cisco Email Security prevents data loss and secures sensitive data in transit to ensure compliance.

Super Security Weapons for Advanced Threats

Ctelecoms partnership with Cisco, the industry's best and brightest, enables us to provide the latest Cisco Email Security Solution for our customers in Saudi Arabia. This solution is designed to safeguard businesses of all sizes against all dynamic, rapidly changing email threats.

Core Features of Cisco Email Security Solution

The Cisco Cloud Email Security service combines best-in-class technologies to provide the most scalable and sophisticated email protection available today. Whether physical, virtual, cloud, or hybrid, Cisco Cloud Email Security is recognized as industry leader that offers:


Forged Email Detection

Boosted by Cisco Talos, Cisco Email Security gives you real-time threat intelligence updates from all over the world to detect and prevent current and emerging attacks.


Comprehensive Threat Intelligence

Boosted by Cisco Talos, Cisco Email Security gives you real-time threat intelligence updates from all over the world to detect and prevent current and emerging attacks.


Advanced Protection Against Malware & Phishing

Stop deception-based attacks such as social engineering, BEC, and phishing with local email intelligence and advanced machine learning techniques that models trusted email behavior on the Internet.


Antispam filtering

Cisco Email Security scans the emails that pass through reputation filtering with an antispam engine for a catch rate of greater than 99 percent and a false-positive rate of less than one in one million. You can decide to drop, quarantine, or deliver messages suspected of being spam.

Why choose Ctelecoms?

Ctelecoms provides flexible deployment options and will smoothly integrate Cisco Cloud Email Security solution with your existing infrastructure, making this appliance an excellent fit for your business needs. With Cisco Cloud Email security solution, we ensure our customers in Saudi Arabia are protected 24/7 with the best security practices.

Ctelecoms exclusive, preventive and reactive technologies from Cisco include spam protection, data loss prevention (DLP), virus defense, email authentication, along with tracking and reporting tools.

We enable our customers in KSA to protect their emails with a cloud-based email security solution for better efficacy and higher accuracy while allowing more control and visibility into their cloud data. If you feel ready for Cisco Email Security Solution, get a quote from us today.

Benefits and Advantages of Cisco Email Security

Cisco email security technology blocks all types of threats so that companies receive only legitimate messages. Cisco uses multiple methods to provide the utmost in comprehensive email security, incorporating preventive and reactive measures to strengthen your defense via:


Proven Spam Protection

Cisco email security technology blocks undesirable email messages using a multilayered scanning architecture. It also delivers the industry's highest spam catch rate, greater than 99 percent, with a less than one in one million false-positive rate.

  • Cisco reputation filters provide an outer layer of defense using data from the Cisco SenderBased network to perform a real-time email traffic threat assessment and identify suspicious email senders.
  • Cisco Anti-Spam uses the industry's most innovative approach to threat detection based on the Cisco Context Adaptive Scanning Engine (CASE). This engine examines the complete context of a message, including what content the message contains, how the message is constructed, who is sending the message, and where the call to action of the message takes you. By combining these elements, Cisco Anti-Spam stops the broadest range of threats with industry-leading accuracy.

Comprehensive Administration and Easy Access for Co-Management

  • A comprehensive support portal helps ensure that customers always have access to an extensive knowledge base of subject matter expertise to assist with their needs. Using the Cisco Security Portal, customers can create a customized homepage to quickly access their unique security interests. They can view all current and historical events and tickets, geographical data, security graphics, trends, and network status and performance.
  • Consolidated and robust reporting options analyze traffic data from geographically diverse infrastructure deployments to provide fully integrated reports. Cisco third-generation reporting technology enables unprecedented insight into even the highest-volume networks in the world. Detailed and accurate information is coalesced into clear and informative reports, suitable for all levels of an organization.
  • Message tracking gives customers real-time visibility into messages. This feature can help resolve help-desk calls quickly by determining the exact location of a message. Instead of having to search through log files, the administrator can use the flexible tracking interface to locate messages.

Advanced Controls

Obtain the highest levels of security and control with a range of email authentication solutions supported by the Cisco security gateway, including Cisco Bounce Verification technology and a sophisticated feature set for signing outbound email with the Sender Policy Framework. These solutions help the intelligent mail system make more accurate decisions.

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) verification and signing means that messages are digitally processed to establish and protect identities with email senders and receivers on the Internet.
  • Cisco Bounce Verification tags messages with a digital watermark to filter bounce attacks at the network edge.
  • Directory Harvest Attack Prevention (DHAP) tracks spammers who send to invalid recipients and blocks attempts to steal email directory information.
  • Advanced Malware Protection features file reputation scoring and blocking, file sandboxing, and file retrospection for the continuous analysis of threats, even after they have traversed the email gateway.

Powerful Defense Against Viruses

By offering a high-performance virus scanning solution integrated at the gateway, Cisco Cloud Email Security provides a multilayered, multivendor approach to virus filtering.

  • Cisco Virus Outbreak Filters are a critical first layer of preventive defense against new outbreaks, detecting and stopping viruses hours before traditional virus signatures are available.

Sophisticated Outbound Filtering Protects Sensitive Information

  • Outbound filtering is just as important as inbound security. By applying additional message safeguards and policies, outbound filtering helps protect and secure sensitive information.
  • Content filtering can be used to add headers or footers to email, or to keep email with confidential or inappropriate information from entering or leaving your network.
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) uses digital certificates to authenticate the user as well as the network.

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