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Don't Let Your IT Infrastructure Hold You Back!

Is your current IT infrastructure driving your business forward - or stunting its growth?

As Saudi organizations increasingly want their IT departments to focus on strengthening business functions and gaining market advantages, IT managers continue to face several management issues regarding their data center cooling, power, cabling, physical security, load balancing... etc.

In fact, a lot of IT headaches start when data center environments are lacking in flexibility or unable to cope with growing business and service delivery demands. Many organizations across the kingdom are facing data center issues, such as rising temperature, unstructured (or spaghetti) cabling, humidity problems, physical security troubles, and more! And when your IT staff is spending too much time tending to the needs of your data center, your strategic business goals will more likely get pushed aside.

If any of these challenges sounds familiar to you, it may be time to move on to our modular, fully customized data center solutions.

Market-leading Data Center Solution That Works Best for You Today and Tomorrow

As pioneers in data center solutions, Ctelecoms engineers have unrivalled experience in the planning, design, and implementation of modern data centers for companies of every size and industry in Saudi Arabia. Whether you are looking to upgrade specific components of your existing data center, improve services for your IT in the front line, or to build a whole new data center that supports your modern IT technologies, Ctelecoms is always ready to help out.

Get an expert data center solution!

Data Center Solutions That Free Up Your IT Staff

No matter your cloud strategy, you likely still have plenty of hardware infrastructure requiring continual attention. This is where our Data Center Solutions come in. Ctelecoms offer a broad range of project expertise and specialize in the planning, design and ongoing support of data centers, server rooms, network cabinets, as well as other mission-critical facilities with always available requirements.

We are extensively involved in the renovation and upgrade of existing data centers as well as the design of new datacenter facilities across KSA. Our turnkey datacenter solutions are designed to satisfy the diverse IT requirements of small, medium and large enterprises in Saudi Arabia (Al-Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah & Altaif). Our goal is to become the best IT solutions and services provider in the kingdom and to be the go-to IT company that's well known for helping Saudi businesses meet their existing and future requirements without incurring unnecessary expenses in the IT market.

1- Meet uptime and efficiency goals within your budget

One of the many challenges facing today's business leaders in Saudi Arabia is whether they should build a new data center from the ground up or modernize pre-existing facilities. At Ctelecoms, we're experts at giving you the best of both worlds. It begins by assessing your current data center as well as IT infrastructure situation.

2- Effective data center strategy

We partner with top-tier cloud and data center solution innovators such as Microsoft, Cisco, Dell EMC, Schneider, and Panduit to bring you the latest, most comprehensive services available in the marketplace. Through our data center strategy, we provide industry benchmark levels of power supply, cabling, physical security and cooling services to better serve the growing needs for future-proof data center operations in KSA, particularly in Jeddah, Al-Riyadh, Mecca, Medina and Al-taif regions.

3- Modular data center implementation

At Ctelecoms we understand that every customer is different, which explains why each of our clients receives a personalized experience from start to finish. We work hard to ensure your unique situation and goals are recognized and addressed. It's this service mentality that guarrantees our customers satisfaction about getting the job done right. Our highly skilled workforce is always ready to deliver modular and scalable data center facilities to accommodate your needs. We make sure each element of your data center is properly installed and aligned to work together perfectly. This can mean the difference between prolonged network downtime or finding the problem before it occurs. No matter the size or capacity of your data center or IT equipment, we can implement solutions that drive agility, maximize efficiency, cut down expenses, and scale easily. We'll work with you to energize your data center for maximum performance, security, adaptability and speed.

Choose Ctelecoms to build or upgrade your data center

When building or renovating your data center, it is important to choose the right IT partner who excels in strategic planning, construction, renovation and the operation of data centers.  Ctelecoms has gained its unrivaled reputation as a leading IT company in Jeddah & Al-Riyadh from the fact that we would never hesitate to upgrade or solve problems with any of your existing data center components. We offer extensive data center maintenance services at highly competitive prices that can flex with each customer's needs. And whenever you feel it is time to build a brand new data center, we will be right there for you as well.

At Ctelecoms, the only acceptable level of downtime is ZERO. Our reputation depends on your business performance, and is based on delivering successful outcomes that build upon an accurate alignment between scope, schedule and budget.

Data Center Solutions To Empower Every Busienss in Saudi Arabia

With Ctelecoms, you never have to worry about space limitations, financial constraints, changing business priorities and shrinking timelines. Our expert IT technicians and engineers bare all that in mind, and our promise is - and will always be - to give our all to make IT a differentiator for our clients by keeping up with modern trends, superior data center implementation and renovation strategies, IT equipment maintenance, and more.

Technology is at the heart of everything we do. Businesses and organizations across Saudi Arabia trust us to provide IT solutions that work, and with good reason. We don't just go for a sale. At Ctelecoms, we take the time to learn and really know our clients' data center needs and goals in order to recommend and implement the best IT solution that's cost-effective, future-proof, and easy to manage.

We help Saudi companies thrive by providing modern and innovative IT solutions to best manage their daily operations. We're able to do this by hiring the best technical talent and partnering with quality manufacturers over years of experience in the IT industry. 

Find Out More About Our Superior Datacenter Solutions

8 Great Reasons Why Ctelecoms is The Ideal Data Center Solutions Provider in KSA

  • Ctelecoms is the elite IT company in Saudi Arabia (particularly in Jeddah and Riyadh) for flexible, secure and efficient data center solutions that support all the flexibility, security and efficiency requirements of your organization.
  • Ctelecoms engineers have a history with exceptional capabilities of delivering successful data center projects of all sizes in KSA.
  • Ctelecoms has the superior know-how in helping organizations in Saudi Arabia upgrade and/or modernize their data center, solve its biggest challenges and simplify its IT management.
  • Ctelecoms team will customize your data center solution and apply the best practices for space utilization, system uptime, physical security, streamlined management and ease of use.
  • Ctelecoms takes into account your financial and operational considerations, timing, and business requirements throughout the data center project from the very start to the very end.
  • Ctelecoms delivers the right data center products that are not only vital to run the DC system efficiently, but will also contribute to Ctelecoms' overall strategy that saves your company money.
  • Ctelecoms engineers are experts in matching the right IT product(s) specifications with your data center project so that each component delivers its best value without overwhelming your budget - thanks to our strategic supplier partnerships with top IT leaders.
  • Ctelecoms data center solutions are all designed to help you minimize IT costs, improve agility and increase your business productivity.

Take your data center into the future!

No matter what challenges your organization is facing, and regardless of your environment's complexity, Ctelecoms can design the right data center solution that will help you simplify your IT, solve your business challenges and gain the agility and scalability to support your organization's long-term success.

There are so many reasons why Ctelecoms data center solution is the #1 choice for so many IT professionals in Saudi Arabia. Contact us and experience why.