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Prepare your data center

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Does your datacenter have:

Unstable power supply?
Weak UPS System?
No Generators?
A damaged Cooling System?

Having a fully functioning cooling system, yet an unsteady power supply or a complete data center with no cooling system will heat up and damage your devices and hence, cause data/financial loss.

What Ctelecoms offer you!

As a leading company providing Microsoft and CISCO IT solutions in KSA, we guarantee you reliable, dependable and cost-effective services. In fact, we care about your business just as much as you do. When introducing you to our datacenter services, we focus on giving you value-added solutions while helping you save costs and energy, because you my friend MATTER to us!

With our Datacenter preparations you will enjoy:

  • An advanced and dependable infrastructure platform
  • Top-quality performance and business efficiency
  • A more thriving and flexible work environment.

With a simple yet reliable solution, we guarantee you a full datacenter preparation that will meet with the highest technological standards! From raised floor to power interconnections.

Ctelecoms are providing inexpensive and top quality data center cooling systems as well as data center thermal insulations and data center power systems that best meet your demands, because we want you to enjoy a healthy functioning datacenter with no ups and downs- keep it stable, keep it safe!

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