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Physical Security Solutions

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    Are you sure you’re 100% safe in your company? Do you think your co-workers and employees are far from harm?

Is your data secured in a safe environment?
Are you sure…? 

We understand the threats that big, medium and small companies face every single day, fending off attacks and company as well as data thefts. And for this, security measures have to always be taken into account.

Ctelecoms offers the best value-added and cost-effective physical security solutions in Saudi Arabia that guarantee maximum security for you and all your business personnel and data, including:

no threats

Threat detection:

IP cameras for security monitoring through video surveillance, third part sensors and access control security solutions.

Threat detection

Threat detection:

Safety and security solutions, Physical Access Manager Multiservice Platform, IPICS Multiservice Platform for desktop, video surveillance, Integrated Services Router Video Media Management and Storage for digital signage.

Ctelecoms Physical Security Solutions:

Video Surveillance and IP Cameras

Our video surveillance IP cameras are value-added with high-definition view. Their state of the art build is designed to deliver top surveillance in almost all types of environments. We provide a range of wireless, wired and stationary IP cameras with high-quality zoom lens, auto back focus and super low light. Our IP cameras offer video analytics with the ability to detect even the slightest movements and any camera tampering.

Surveillance Camera
Cloud security

IP Video Surveillance Software
Our dependable IP Video Surveillance Software Management Solution delivers both live and recorded videos. With its outstanding flexibility and ultimate reliability, you can manage your video streams like never before. Video matrix allows operators to monitor video feeds, media servers, cameras, encoders, and viewers.

Physical Access Control
Handle all your company security with a smart and intuitive solution that can manage multiple doors and connect your door hardware to your networks with physical access gateway, ensuring optimum safety and security.

safety and security
security solutions

IP Interoperability and Collaboration System
Guarantee security with a threat-responsive intelligent solution that allows your business personnel to interact even through incompatible devices! Our solution enables you to directly inform on any incident using voice and video with radio dispatch console.

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