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  • The Perfect Guide to Project Planning
    Having trouble planning out your own project?

We all have that moment where we just sit there asking ourselves "Where should I start?" Well with our ultimate guide to project planning, you'll be surprised at what YOU can do!

Whether you're new to project planning or just looking to close a few knowledge gaps, we're glad you stopped by! We, Ctelecoms, would like to offer you the perfect guide to project planning, so stay tuned if you want to know more!

When planning a project, we aim to give it all we've got in order to achieve our goals in offering our clients in Saudi Arabia EXACTLY what they are looking for. Now for starters, your objectives must be:1) brief and at the same time, 2) effective.

So with no further ado, let us suggest a few simple steps for you to follow in project planning:

Goad Accomplished

Crisp and clear objectives

You have all the general information you need, now all you have to do is write them in the correct spot. Start by writing a brief narrative of your project and what you are looking to achieve.

SMART Objectives

  • Specific: Make your objectives as clear as you possiblely can. Define where you’re going with your project, and base your objectives accordingly.
  • Measurable: Determine the measures you’ll be using when assuring you’ve successfully reached all your objectives.
  • Audacious: Be bold, let your objectives run wild! Don’t be afraid to make them daring and strong!
  • Realistic: Keep things simple, your “squad” should feel like they can actually achieve these objectives.
  • Time-Sensitive: Set a deadline and work according to the time limit you’ve specified.
Project info
When gathering information for your project, keep in mind that you must think like the customer does in order to give them just what they need and more!
So put your information into documentation and research everything that supports and revolves around the objectives of your project. This step won't be easy, but with the right amount of time and dedication you should have no problems.

This brings us to our next step…

Reach your customers

Get into your Customer’s Mind

Your customers are people, not respondents or data points. They are people just like you. So a good way to start thinking like them is be them! We are all customers for something or someone. Maybe you sell computers, but don’t you buy furniture? What would YOU like to hear when purchasing a sofa or a lamp?
Another way would be answering the questions how? When? And What? This automatically drives you into thinking just like your customer because people usually like to get straight to the point, they don’t care about how fantastic your project is, they want outcome, they want results and they want to solve their problems, just like you.

Stay on Track

Keep in mind that the objectives must not deviate from the subject of your project. Defining your objectives and goals is the key to ensuring a successful project. Ignoring this step will result in a project that is likely to go "topsy-turvy".
It's no secret that the more clearly you define your objectives, the more likely you will achieve them. So when stating your goals, a good idea would be to back them up with supporting ideas and try to make your objectives as specific and precise as possible.

accomplish your goals
Get into your Customer’s Mind

Ask away!

A good thing is that you really don't need to come up with all the objectives by yourself. Say if your project is about business, what better way to obtain your information from someone with core knowledge on the subject?
So go ahead and seek out some of your objectives from business personnel  people who know a lot about this scope can give you a wider range of ideas and firmer objectives. This will not only give you a great peace, but also a very accurate/informative project which is just what you need! By following all these basic steps, you’ll have a project that’s second to none!

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