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Enterprise Mobility + Security

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    Protect your data regardless of where and when your employees work, and enable safe sharing of sensitive information inside and outside your organization.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) Provider in KSA

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is a comprehensive cloud solution designed to manage and protect users and data. EMS combines Microsoft's most powerful standalone solutions in a cost-effective suite to protect corporate assets anywhere, anytime and on any device.
Microsoft EMS comes in two suites: Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 and Enterprise Mobility + Security E5. Both provide the highest level of security, data protection and risk management for organizations of all sizes. View a comparison between the two versions of Microsoft EMS here.

Key Components of Microsoft EMS

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium - set a secure single sign-on to cloud and on-premises apps, activate multi-factor authentication, take advantage of advanced security reporting, and more.
  • Microsoft Intune - obtain mobile and app management to protect corporate applications and data on any device.
  • Microsoft Azure Rights Management - protect your organization's sensitive information from unauthorized access and control how this information is used and shared.
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics - identify suspicious activities and abnormal behavior in on-premises networks, detect malicious attacks, and get real-time alerts for security risks.

Seamless integration with Windows 10, Azure and Office 365

The Office 365 suite is a group of cloud-based services and software subscriptions designed to increase productivity and lower licensing costs for organizations of all sizes. Office 365 and EMS are complementary suites of services and share many of the same architectural features. With Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, you can extend and build onto your Office 365 capabilities to securely deliver your Office mobile apps as well as your broader portfolio of cloud-based or cloud-aware applications.

Microsoft EMS helps execute on your end-user management strategy by delivering three fundamental capabilities:

  • Secure, streamlined access to all the corporate resources.
  • Advanced security that can anticipate, detect, and respond to threats as they emerge.
  • Managed mobility to empower users to do more on their devices, while safeguarding organizational assets.
For many organizations in Saudi Arabia, Ctelecoms believes that deploying Office 365 is a critical step toward digital transformation. Whether you have Windows 10, Azure or Office 365, Microsoft EMS is your opportunity to deliver additional end-user productivity, collaboration, and protection by enabling secure access, seamless mobile management, and advanced security features.

Features of Enterprise Mobility + Security

EMS protection

Protect Your Information

Keep your data protected at all times, regardless of where it is stored, with whom it is shared, and how it is accessed.

EMS on all devices

Access from any device

Securely access to corporate applications, data and other resources from virtually anywhere on almost any device.

EMS integration with Office

Integrate with your Office

Add extra protection to your Microsoft Office emails, files, and applications.

EMS management

Easy Management

EMS is simple to set up, always up-to-date, and easily connects to your on- premises datacenter.

EMS solutions

Comprehensive solution

Microsoft EMS is designed to manage iOS, Android, Windows, Windows 10, and over 2,500 popular SaaS apps.

EMS saves more

Great value, less costs!

EMS offers more and costs 50% less than equivalent standalone solutions.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility + Security

EMS single sign on

Single Sign-on

Set a single sign-on, and use your personal device for work so you don't have to remember multiple passwords.

EMS identity management

Identity Management

Manage identities centrally across your datacenter and the cloud with an identity and access management solution.

EMS control

Full Control

Set policies and permissions directly to files and email messages inside or outside your organization. Restrict or extend email content for each recipient.

EMS privacy

Maintain Privacy

In the event that the device is stolen or lost, you can selectively and remotely wipe all applications, sensitive data and networking profiles.

EMS peace of mind

Peace of mind

Get peace of mind knowing that your company data is fully protected, and only accessible by the people you authorize.

EMS productivity

Be more productive

Increase productivity and reduce IT costs by empowering your team with 24/7 security, self-service and single sign-on access across all devices.

Ready to try Enterprise Mobility+ Security?

Ctelecoms has helped dozens of organizations in Saudi Arabia to maintain security and increase productivity with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security. If you feel ready for Microsoft EMS, pick up the suite that you prefer and enjoy our FREE installation and support services:

           Enterprise Mobility + Security E5
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We would love to be of assistance.