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    Seize growth opportunities and boost revenue while promoting sales productivity and operational efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM in KSA

Running a successful business is no simple task, especially when marketing campaigns, data analysis, meetings, customer care, and more all happen simultaneously. To help businesses in Saudi Arabia handle all these complex tasks and bring all these functions together in one place, Ctelecoms provides a powerful, integrated CRM solution designed to reduce costs, streamline processes and increase profitability in your sales, marketing and service divisions.

At Ctelecoms we understand how important it is for Saudi businesses to keep their sales team in the know about any issues their customers have brought to the support team, or marketing materials that have recently been sent from the marketing team. It is equally important, as well, for the marketing team to be able to drive efficiencies and understand where a prospect is in the sales process. And here's exactly where our Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution comes in handy.


What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution?

Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a cloud-based Microsoft solution that enables businesses and organizations of every size and industry to develop leads, nurture contacts, track sales and deliver actionable data and customer information easily and quickly. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to help organizations streamline and automate business processes that boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Flexible deployment

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers organizations the power of choice in deployment as it supports on-premise, in-the-cloud and partner-hosted deployment options. This means that all the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM are available regardless of whether you use on-premises installation or use CRM in the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Invaluable, real-time insights into data

Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers managers with greatly improved visibility into their teams by providing a snapshot on where processes need to be tweaked and if any team needs training to better respond to customer's needs and improve productivity.

Superior Intelligence

Dynamics CRM goes way beyond being a data entry system. It is intelligent, informative, and drives a streamlined approach to managing customers and key relationships. CRM not only equips teams to be more productive and educated with the work they do, but also delivers deeper insights into the entire customer relationship across multiple business units.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings endless values to businesses as it offers full mobile support for using CRM apps on mobiles and tablets. This empowers users to access information whenever and wherever they need and ensures that the CRM data is updated in real-time.

Key Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Always accessible

Microsoft Dynamics CRM unleashes your staff's productivity both in the office and on the road-even if they aren't connected to a network. Information can be filtered so that people receive only what they need such as meeting updates and sales figures.

Operational Efficiency

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM adaptive workflow engine enables you to automate business processes in ways that employees can use each day. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can automate time-consuming repetitive tasks, warn staff of open customer  issues, and automatically send important e-mail messages  to customers and partners. So customer requests and orders never fall through the cracks.

Seamless Integration With Existing Systems

Microsoft Dynamics CRM harnesses the power of Web services through the Microsoft .NET Framework. This latest generation of Microsoft technology enables businesses to connect isolated, legacy business systems and applications.

Insightful Business Reports

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM embedded reporting engine integrates smoothly with Microsoft SQL Server to generate compelling data reports for business decision makers.

Marketing automation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing automation gives you the ability to effectively manage campaigns, including all applicable planning tasks as well as the ability to distribute planning tasks and manage budgets. It also has a robust marketing list creator, giving the power to drill down and segment very specific customers and contacts.

Improve Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a centralized, all-in-one view of all customer service requests and service professional calendars to ensure you never let customers down by missing a service call or appointment. With Dynamics CRM, dispatchers can quickly and easily match the right service personnel to a particular customer or type of service call.

Manage Customer Data & Communications

Microsoft Dynamics CRM extends the reach of Microsoft Outlook by turning it into a tool to manage customer information. It puts lead information, marketing pitches, and sales call information into one central location for your sales and marketing staff­.

Promote Sales Productivity

With Microsoft CRM, your sales teams will have the accuracy and consistency required to effectively drive opportunities through the sales process faster and better. The CRM Solution provides social insights, business intelligence and several out-of-the-box features that drive sales productivity and marketing effectiveness for your business. These features unlock the opportunity for you to:

  • Find out and focus on what captures your customers' attention the most.
  • Pull in all the information you need from over 30.000 sources.
  • Reach your target audience faster and get access to all relevant data.
  • Leverage business growth and productivity by quickly reaching relevant information that drives your interest and gives you exactly what you need.

Ready for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

As a Gold Microsoft partner and a leading cloud IT solutions provider in Saudi Arabia, Ctelecoms is your #1 platform for all the Microsoft cloud solutions you need to be super flexible, productive, and competitive. Request your Microsoft Dynamics solutions from Ctelecoms!