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Hassan Barnawi

Wataniya Insurance Company / IT Officer at Wataniya Insurance Company


Ctelecoms is a renown IT solutions company in KSA with an impressive reputation for delivering top-quality services. My company, Al-Wataniya Insurance, opted for a number of software solutions from Ctelecoms, including: Microsoft EMS, Microsoft OMS and Cisco Cloud Email Security solutions. All three solutions have been extraordinarily perfect and delivered ravishing results. What’s great about Ctelecoms, besides their extensive know-how in the latest solutions, is their excellent customer service and prompt response to our needs. We are now working with superior technology which is reliable and robust. Our support calls are managed efficiently and we can always make contact with Ctelecoms’ support team. We extend our sincere thanks to Ctelecoms team for always being up to our expectations.


Anas Mosa

Al Haddad Telecom Group / Group IT Director


Basically, the reason we chose Ctelecoms was because of its enviable reputation, professionalism and ongoing commitment to building successful relationships with others. My company was looking to replace our old, insecure Data Center with a modern one so we can ensure optimal functionality and security. Ctelecoms provided us with a modern, stylish DC that served as a primary tool to unlocking our IT potential, promoting our day-to-day operations and minimizing downtime. What I liked best about Ctelecoms was their non-stop cooperation, flexibility, and commitment to success. I highly recommend Ctelecoms to anyone who’d like to have a modern, highly secure data center to fulfill their business demands without overloading the IT budget. Special thanks to Ctelecoms’ professional team who has truly exceeded our expectations and delivered the best results.


Muhammad Usama Khan

Muhammad Usama Khan

ECA / Senior Network Engineer


ECA was looking for a reliable, cost-effective IP Network and IP Telephony System in addition to a Wireless Solution to carry out common business tasks – all at once. Choosing a reliable vendor with the right expertise is always a challenge, but Ctelecoms turned out to be the best choice. IP Technology has always been a key part of our ability to improve the way we manage and control our resources. Working with Ctelecoms was a whole new experience. They provided us with a stable, secure, redundant and reliable network, which helped improve our work and reduce expenses.  Their approach to make customers feel at ease was fantastic. All the time, we, as a customer, felt like Ctelecoms “owned” our problems. They acted proactively to make sure we do not face any downtime or service degradation issues at any cost. This was required since we are a Gov. entity providing services on a 365/24/7 basis. We definitely recommend Ctelecoms, and we look forward to continue doing business with them in the future.  


Mohamad Tomelieh

Mohamad Tomelieh

Gandour / IT Strategy Manager


We have chosen Ctelecoms as our Office 365 migration partner due to the excellent support and the “ease of mind” approach they have provided for us during the initial scoping and project preparation. Moving on, we have engaged with Ctelecoms on a number of projects and they have always been punctual and dedicated. They have offered a level of service that is unmatched in the KSA market while ensuring all project deliverables were either met or exceeded. We will be looking at Ctelecoms as a serious partner for any future IT related projects knowing they will be there to answer the call with utmost diligence and quality.


Maryam Balbaid

CBA University / System Administration Manager


First of all, as CBA University we choose C-telecoms Co. to help us in our business because they are famous for their professional team and their best solutions which meet our requirements. We use Office 365 PowerShell. The Ctelecoms team have given us an essential training for this service. What we liked best about Office 365 are the reasonable prices and the big storage capacity. Secondly, this service adds a value to our business so we can now create an official mail for each student. All our students are now able to use the E-learning system easily. With this solution, they will receive their homework and notifications on upcoming activities in the university through their mobile phones. Working with C-Telecoms means that you will never have to worry about any technical problems because they offer technical support. C-Telecoms team is the best for achieving all our desired tasks. It will be our pleasure to use other services of C-telecoms in the near future. Finally, I highly recommend that all of you try C-telecoms services because they have a high professional team who have the persistence to complete the work on time.


Mansour Fathi Quzmar

Mansour Fathi Quzmar

UMG / IT Manager


We choose C-Telecoms because they are cooperated, committed with us, offering professional design and good plan  and understanding our business very well. Ct-telecoms is our success partner. The services they offer are stable and available; they take fast actions and offer fast responses with professionalism. We get benefit from C-Telecoms professional work as they improve our business by building our data center and infrastructure. Actually, working with C-telecoms means that you will not be worried at all because they have professional services and understanding. Besides, they know how to deliver theeir services to help your business. They were the best for achieving our desired results and I hope to use other services they offer. I recommend C-telecoms to everyone because I am satisfied with C-telecoms and I trust they will offer the same level they gave us.


Mahmood Allam

Albasateen / IT Manager


The main reason behind choosing C-Telecoms is the recommendation of our clients, the support and dedication of Mr. Bahaa Najmah, and the professionalism and experience of both Mr. Emad Al-Sibai and Mr. Ahmad Tarabishi. What we liked the most about C-Telecoms is that they involve the customers in the new technologies, seminars and workshops. C-Telecoms Co. is distinguished by its professionalism, dedication and quality which are obvious in the Cisco service we use and the professional and experienced manager of Cisco division Mr. Ahmed Tarabishi and his team as well. We never have to worry about quality when working with Ctelecoms and we are eager to use their other solutions. Ctelecoms is the best, and we recommend you all to try their services.


Albert Dionisio

AUFGC. / Network Administrator


Ctelecoms is one of the top suppliers here in KSA.  We chose Ctelecoms because the name has a good reputation, especially in Cisco products that we are using now. From the very start that we got your service, Ctelecoms team really did a great job, starting from WAN design and networking services. You guys are in good shape to conquer the market here in Saudi. The SERVICE of your team is really awesome. It makes me never want to buy products form elsewhere. Ctelecoms treat customers as a family. Its products and services have all been beneficial to us, specially when it comes to our network communication and inventory. Since I worked with you guys all the support that you’ve given to us is really really worry-free! I can’t thank you enough, guys. I remember that we started business in 2010. We’ve treated each other as family and friends. I never encountered any issue regarding your services. I think this opportunity should definitely arise and I’m willing to use your services again. Besides, I will always recommend Ctelecoms because they have a great experience in delivering their services and support.


Tariq A. Hijazi

Tariq A. Hijazi



Our working experience with Ctelecoms aimed at outsourcing our IT services. It has been a great success.  Ctelecoms has a professional team on board to carry out their work with care and responsibility.