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أسامة زين

E.A. Juffali and Brothers.


الجفالي شركة رائدة لديها 4000 موظف يستخدم Active Directory ، لم يكن ممكناً فتح بريد آوتلوك على نظام خدمة البريد الإلكتروني الذي كان موجوداً لديناً نتيجة عدم التوافق بين النظامين، وبالتالي كان موظفونا يتصفحون بريد الآوتلوك عبر خدمة الويب المدعومة من نظام بريدنا، مما تسبب في بطىء شديد وصعوبة في التعامل مع الكم الهائل من الإيميلات إضافة إلى انخفاض مستوى الأمان. قامت سيتيليكومز بتزويدنا بخدمة Microsoft Office 365 و Outlook Email حيث تم نقل رسائل البريد الإلكتروني إلى المحطة الجديدة ليصبح العمل أسرع وأكثر سهولة وأماناً. نشكر سيتيليكومز على المرونة في تعاملهم ومتابعتهم المستمرة معنا واحترافيتهم في العمل.


Adel barashed

Adel barashed

Bupa Arabia


The cabinets relocation project for Bupa’s main datacenter was perfectly undertaken by our success partner, Ctelecoms. Everything was outstandingly aligned with our requirements, especially the incredible final touches added to at the end of this marvelous work.   


Adel N. Maher

Taajeer Group / Network Engineer


Having Ctelecoms move us from local Exchange to Microsoft Office 365 has saved us many email-related headaches and enabled our IT staff to save a great amount of time on more important tasks. 


Abdalrahman Hakim

Abdalrahman Hakim

Naqaba General Car Syndicate


Ctelecoms managed the re-structuring of our entire data center cabling, servers, power generators… etc., which made our data center more agile and daily tasks easier. Ctelecoms teams are really good at what they do and I truly appreciate the outstanding level of service we have received.  Ctelecoms IT solutions are second to none, and I would recommend Ctelecoms for companies seeking expert data center solutions to add real value to their business.


Mohamad Kerdi

Afia International Company SAVOLA / Director - IT Operations at Savola Group


Migrating to Teams created such an incredible door of opportunities for us to increase productivity, communicate and work better. Ctelecoms gave us the key to open that door. We are very glad to have worked with such an expert Microsoft cloud service provider.



Abdullah Ramadan

Tibyana Health Investment Company Ltd / Head of IT dep.


Besides their best offers and reasonable prices, Ctelecoms took great care of our data center savers and firewall security, enabling easier and safer working environment. They express their unique professionalism by their quick response, attention to detail and timely completion of the project.  



Mohammed Abdulsalam



We bought Office 365 license from Ctelecoms and it’s a great MSP in Saudi Arabia. We were provided with great support services and we feel much better than before.  



Hassan Borhan



We’ve sought Ctelecoms for a mission-critical passive cabling, network configuration and Veeam backup solution project. Our schedule was extremely tight, yet the team’s performance and punctuality drove outstanding outcomes even within a short timeframe.  


Nabil Al-Sanbi

United Matbouli Group UMG / IT Infrastructure & Support Manager


Our technical problems were smoothly tackled as Ctelecoms implemented two great solutions: Veeam Backup and Cisco IP Telephony, which offered us greater work flexibility, efficiency and ease of use.



Hasan Afandi

United Matbouli Group UMG / ERP & Business Solutions Manager


Thanks to Ctelecoms  for helping us to connect our branches and make our work network more faster with high communication among branches by providing Dell EMC Unity and Hybrid storage.  we have a perfect relationship with Ctelecoms, they are the best service provider, and have all products we need.



Ahmed Baazim

Salama Cooperative Insurance Company / Helpdesk Supervisor


Ctelecoms has the best experienced team with a very high commitment. Services that provided by Ctelecoms, developed our work and increased our productivity. Ctelecoms is not a choice but a high recomended for a long term partnership.  



Mohamed Galal

Dr. Samir Abbas Hospital


Our company was facing a problem in Microsoft teams 365. And since Ctelecoms are a Microsoft partner, we thought they would be the right team to do it. We are truly impressed by their team experience and excellent service which made Microsoft Teams 365 much better than before. We have a good relationship with them.