Apple and CISCO join forces for the first time ever!

 2016/09/08   Microsoft Cloud Solutions   1143 visit(s)



Following Cisco’s exciting announcement on their partnership with Apple last August, Apple and Cisco have been up and busy concocting new ways to make your iOS user experience simplified, unified and much more enhanced on your Cisco assets!
And together with Apple, Cisco has pledged to make the following improvements:
- Enhanced performance on your iOS devices
- Seamless cisco voice communication for your iPhone
- Deploying Cisco collaboration tools effectively to simplify your meeting experience and boost teamwork.
And true to their word, we give you Cisco-Apple’s newest capabilities!

Improved connectivity with cisco WiFi

Your iOS devices will now connect automatically to the best available cisco wireless networks making it easier for you to work on the go and simplifying your work experience considerably. Really effective when using real-time applications such as voice and video.

Easy access to important business applications

Your IT department will now classify your most critical business apps easily so you can directly work from your iOS device.

Cisco Spark on your iOS device!

With iOS 10, you can deploy Cisco Spark seamlessly into your device and enjoy a fast and integrated user experience.
With Cisco Spark, you won’t need a third party application to make a VoIP and all your calls will also appear on your lock screen and you will have the option to answer, mute or wait call, just like a regular call.
You can also have Siri use Spark to search contacts and call them for you from your People app!

So what do you think? With the joined forces of Apple and Cisco, we can foresee some amazing things yet to come! Please share your thoughts below to tell us what you think!

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