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Don’t miss out on Office 365 New Advanced Security Features!

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Ctelecoms is very excited to announce the general availability of two new security and compliance services: Office 365 Threat Intelligence and Office 365 Advanced Data Governance designed to help Office 365 users reduce risk and stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

The two security solutions hit the preview point earlier in February. With them now reaching the stage of general release, it means that Microsoft has conducted thorough testing of these two features, received the necessary feedback and now considers them suitable to further boost security and add up new capabilities to the existing security features for Office 365 users.

Cyberattacks Nightmare!

Data breaches can lead to significant loss in revenue, brand value damage, litigation and horrible maintenance related costs. In many cases, a sudden, unexpected shutdown of an organization’s system can even lead to the closure of the entire business.

Expenditure on cybersecurity systems, tools and talent continues to rise as well, specifically in banking, insurance, education, healthcare and other industries that collect large amounts of sensitive data from their customers. 

Ctelecoms aims to help organizations in Saudi Arabia not only implement advanced security measures at an exponentially reduced cost, but also safeguard their businesses against all the advanced cyber-attacks, malware and ransomware, including Shamoon.

At Ctelecoms, we provide a terrific collection of Office 365 bundles to meet all the unique business and security needs of every organization in KSA.

Let Ctelecoms experts help you choose the right Office 365 bundle that best suits your demands, boosts your business productivity, and ensures the highest level of security for your organization.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence

Promote Security, protect your business!

With the launch of Office 365 Threat Intelligence, Microsoft is adding up to the Office 365 security to help users stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence leverages billions of data points from the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to provide actionable insights to the global threat landscape and to ensure that users are fully protected against cyber threats.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence highlights

  • Interactive tools to analyze prevalence and severity of threats in near real time.
  • Real-time and customizable threat alert notifications.
  • Remediation capabilities for malware and suspicious content.
  • Expansion of Management API to include threat details—enabling integration with Security Information and Event Management solutions.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence is included in the Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan.

Office 365 Advanced Data Governance

Why it is essential

With the exponential growth of electronic data, many organizations expose themselves to risk by retaining unnecessary data. For example: many companies retain the personal information of long-departed former employees. If this data were compromised in a breach, the company could be liable for costly remediation, such as lifetime credit monitoring for affected former staff.

Effectively Manage Compliance

Office 365 Advanced Data Governance applies machine learning to help organizations find and retain important data while eliminating trivial, redundant, and obsolete data that could cause risk if compromised.

Thanks to Office 365 Advanced Data Governance, users can now obtain a good grasp on all the data they have and what sort of data they might no longer need. As this feature helps them find and retain the data that is most important to them while eliminating redundant, obsolete and trivial data.

Advanced Data Governance highlights

  • Proactive policy recommendations and automatic data classifications that allow customers to take actions on data—like retention and deletion—throughout its lifecycle.
  • System default alerts to identify data governance risks.
  • The ability to apply compliance controls to on-premises data by intelligently filtering and migrating that data to Office 365.

Office 365 Advanced Data Governance is included in the Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan as well. It is available as part of the Office 365 Advanced Compliance plan, which also includes Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery and Customer Lockbox—providing expanded, comprehensive compliance value.

For those of you who use Office on-premises, Ctelecoms will provide you with a strong value proposition based on your business needs to help you make the move to Office 365.

All you need to do is just reach out to our free support service where an experienced technician from Ctelecoms will listen to you, give you expert advice on how to promote your business and help you choose the most suitable, cost-effective Office 365 bundle for your organization.

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