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The Secret To Send LARGE Email Attachments & Have Unlimited Mailbox Storage!

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Have you ever tried to send a video, program or other large file via email and had Outlook tell you: “your attachment size exceeds the allowable limit”? For too many people, the answer is yes!

The problem is that even when your admin has allowed for you to send large attachments, the majority of cloud providers do not actually handle it. But when it comes to Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange, you are fully covered!

Send emails up to 150 MB in Office 365!

There are always times when you would prefer to send a large file as an actual attachment rather than a link. For those times, Microsoft has given Office 365 administrators the unique ability to set the maximum message size of their choosing from 1 MB up to 150 MB.

In Office 365, you can customize the maximum allowed message size for any and all your mailboxes however you see fit. You want to go wild and allow everyone to send and receive 100 MB size messages? Go for it.

You want to restrict your employees from sending messages larger than 5 MB, while supervisors can still send up to 50, 100 or even 150 MB? No problem!

You have a hybrid mail configuration (some mailboxes on-premises, some in the cloud) and you want a consistent 10 MB restriction regardless where the mailbox is hosted? We have you covered.

With Office 365, whatever custom configuration you want to apply, whether for one, some, or all your mailboxes you can do it – as long as it’s between 1 MB and 150 MB.

Large Attachments & Unlimited Mailbox Storage in Microsoft Exchange!

Microsoft Exchange is one of the most effective platforms that covers all your business email needs. With Microsoft Exchange P1, each user gets 50 GB of mailbox storage (or 100 GB + unlimited storage in the user's In-Place Archive with Microsoft Exchange P2) and can send messages up to 150 MB in size in both Microsoft Exchange P1 and P2.  Click here to view a full comparison between the features of Microsoft Exchange P1 & Microsoft Exchange P2.

Office 365 and Exchange Online features allow you to change the default message limit of both sending and receiving from 35 Mb (the default) to as large as 150 Mb in each email.  This message limit size is fully customizable by the administrator.

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