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Ransomware Attacks - One Clever Way to Stay Safe!

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Saddening truths about ransomware attacks!

Ransomware attacks have long been very effective ways that generate easy money for cybercriminals, and what makes them even more popular is the fact that extorting money from victims is almost always risk-free for those attackers. Anonymous payment services as well as Ransomware as a Service platforms are the two main facilitating factors that give a fairly solid motive for cybercriminals to launch a ransomware attack. Add to this the willingness of victims to pay the “affordable” ransomware fees to get all their valuable data back in return.

Moreover, the flexibility offered by cybercriminals to settling their victims’ bills is second to none. The low-pricing strategy, as well, is designed to make sure victims can afford to pay the ransom rather than seeking likely more expensive recovery alternatives.

It is important to note, however, that the price of ransomware is set deliberately high in certain market segments, usually where there is a significant risk of not acting on the outcome of the attack. Hospitals, for example, have noted higher ransom payment demands when key or life-critical medical systems are affected. The morals of these ransomware attackers are clearly non-existent.

What if I paid the ransom?

Although paying the ransom is always going to appear to be the easiest way out of the problem, it’s never a guarantee that you’ll be able to resume normal operations. Firstly, the ransomware is unlikely to decrypt all of your data. You should expect about 80% of it back at most. Secondly, the ransomware is still resident on your system and could lead to further breaches or problems. And thirdly, by paying the ransom, you are effectively negotiating with terrorists and helping to fund the darkest, most sinister parts of human nature, such as terrorism, money laundering, and every other type of criminal activity.

One clever way to keep your business safe!

When it comes to surviving a cyberattack, having a powerful Disaster Recovery Plan in place is way better than paying up cybercriminals and then wondering if your business will ever have a real good chance to get back to normal state. If you truly want your business to avoid any disruption caused by a malicious attack, Ctelecoms has got plenty of innovative solutions available for you. Powerful cloud email security solution is one ideal way through which we’ve helped dozens of Saudi organizations stop ransomware attacks. And today we’re offering you another innovative solution that acts as a super-powerful platform that gets your data, operations as well as operating system back to normal within minutes. We present to you the strongest Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan for your business to quickly survive cyber attacks today and tomorrow.

Thanks to our partnership with Veeam, the industry’s #1 when it comes to efficient backup and disaster recover plans, Ctelecoms delivers an extensive range of Veeam availability solutions that will give our clients in Saudi Arabia the peace of mind from knowing that if a disaster stroke or a cyberattack occurred, they can quickly and easily bring their business back to how it was before without having to pay a single riyal to attackers. Take a moment to explore our Exclusive Cloud VM Backup solution at Ctelecoms online store.

If you need any information on how Ctelecoms can implement the fastest, super-efficient data backup and disaster recovery plan for your organization, feel free to contact our expert team.

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