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Tap Into Cisco’s Next Generation of Networking | Cisco Premier Partner

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The network is literally the foundation of every business, and it has never been more critical to business success. Traditional networking models simply do not scale and perform to meet the expectations of the modren digital era. Businesses now need a new networking framework that is simplified and more flexible to use so they can improve their growth rate in revenue, customer retention, and profit – all while keeping their businesses secure.

Machine learning can be used to build complex models and algorithms within networks that are capable of generating forward looking trends. Analytical models inbuilt inside networks can produce reliable and repeatable decisions and can uncover hidden insights through learning from historical relationships embedded in data. It can also give networks the ability to learn without being programmed. 

Built for digital business and Internet of Things, intuitive networks promise to transform organizations struggling with legacy networks and looking for a stepping stone towards a much bigger picture, says Shadi Salama, Channel Leader, East Region, Cisco Middle East.

‘The Network. Intuitive.’ – What is Cisco’s Next Generation of Networking?

Back in June 2017, ‘The Network. Intuitive.’ was launched by Cisco, marking one of the significant breakthroughs in the history of enterprise networking. Cisco’s intuitive network is the result of years of research and development by the company to reinvent networking for an age where network engineers managing hundreds of devices today will be expected to manage 1 million by 2020.

"The new network, powered by Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) and integrated with CDW products and services, gives you granular insight into your users, applications and devices — with the ability to learn and adapt to network changes."

Designed to be intuitive, the new network can recognize intent, mitigate threats through encryption, and learn over time, thus unlocking opportunities and enhancing business agility. Cisco has also introduced its intent-based network (IBN) system to the data center by adding assurance. Intent-based networking captures the business intent, in business language, and translates this intent into IT policies that can be applied and constantly monitored across the network.

Benefits of Intent-Based Networking

An intent-based approach to networking enables several benefits for business and IT leaders, which include improved business agility and operational efficiencies, better compliance and security, continuous IT and business alignment and reduced risk. We are excited about Cisco new intuitive networking platform, which is a superior end-to- end solution that’s unmatched in today’s market place. It brings analytics, automation, machine learning and AI together, so customers really do get an intuitive network.

Automate your network

Provide business agility and scale by automating one policy across the entire access network.

Lower WAN costs

Reduce your OpEx without compromising performance, security or reliability.

Assure network performance

Troubleshoot faster and increase IT productivity with context that delivers actionable insights.

Detect and mitigate threats

Address threats and vulnerabilities anywhere on your network — including those hiding in encrypted traffic.

Build a digital-ready network with Cisco DNA

The first purpose-built platforms designed for full fabric control with Cisco DNA and software-defined access (SD-access), Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches help you change your network from a platform of connectivity to a platform of services.

Weave security into your network DNA

Cisco integrates security across the network to provide one trusted architecture. CDW and Cisco will help you deepen your network intelligence, centralize access control across your network and automate tools and processes to reduce risk, cost and complexity.

Turn data into insights and speed up decisions

Cisco DNA Center, the dashboard for Cisco DNA, is a software-based network automation and assurance solution. Cisco DNA Center addresses the demands of digitization, cloud, IoT and mobility by eliminating IT complexity and protecting against cybersecurity threats.

Go back in time

Put your data to work. Get 360-degree contextual insights across users, devices and applications. Assure network performance with real-time and historical data analytics, to learn, adapt and even detect problems before they happen.

Activate Your Intuitive Network With Ctelecoms!

As a top-notch IT company in Saudi Arabia, Ctelecoms has earned Cisco Premier partnership status which proves our deep expertise in planning and implementing Cisco solutions in the kingdom. Whatever security as well as solution your organization requires, we are always ready to help out. From Cisco Security Solutions, to Meraki Networking solutions, to Cisco Cloud Email Security, to Cisco Umbrella and more, we have you fully covered.

Feel free to talk to one of our experts today and any time you wish.

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