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Collaborate Better & Accomplish More With Microsoft Teams!

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Take your business to the next level

Microsoft Teams is a project collaboration and communication tool like no other. With its ability to integrate into all of Office 365’s features, including SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote, as well as its enhanced use of AI and bot technology, Teams is well and truly the digital workspace of the future.

One Window Does Everything

No more skipping between different windows. Microsoft Teams helps you easily include all the content and features you and your team use every day. You can also add tabs to provide quick and instant access to frequently used documents and cloud services.

Create A Team In Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides a true hub for teamwork. All you need to do is create a team, add your team members, then unleash their full potential to:

  • Save time by organizing all work in one hub
  • Set up staff meetings using the Meetings tab
  • Collaborate in conversation stream posts
  • Communicate via chat, audio, or video calls
  • Make announcements using @mention to the team’s General channel or by pinning important documents as permanent tabs.
  • Organize virtual or face-to-face meetings.
  • Work in smaller groups (public and private).
  • Share and organize content.

Get Started with Microsoft Teams!

To get yourself started with Microsoft Teams, go to https://teams.microsoft.com and log in with your Office 365 credentials.