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Microsoft 365’s Security, Compliance & Trust Advantages over Google’s G Suite

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You may be wondering: "What makes Microsoft365 better than G Suite in terms of security and compliance?" Here's the answer:

Intelligent security

Microsoft 365 provides intelligent security built into all levels of our platform, to help protect across multiple layers including users, devices, apps, and data against today’s ever evolving threats. Our Intelligent Security Graph uses rich insights from vast security intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral analytics to help you improve investigations and speed up responses.

Security advantages of Microsoft 365:

Identity and Access Management

  • Microsoft protects your usernames and passwords in the cloud and on your device.
  • Microsoft also uses machine learning to assess user risk in real-time

G suite does not offer these capabilities. Third-party applications are required.

Information Protection

  • Microsoft can detect, classify, protect, and monitor sensitive information and secure it wherever it goes

G suite offers protection for and within its cloud-only deployments. Third-party applications are required to extend this protection

Threat Protection

  • Microsoft protects, detect, and respond to threats on your email, devices, apps, and data.

G suite only provides protection against email threats and G Suite. Thirdparty applications are required to extend this protection

Security Management

  • Microsoft allows you to define your security policies and enables controls in the cloud, across hybrid, or on-premises

G suite only offers the ability to manage a cloud environment

  • Only Microsoft helps you secure and manage a full portfolio of devices (including Android and iOS) across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.
Google only protects G Suite, Android, Windows and iOS phones, and Chromebooks without third-party applications.

Transparent operations

Microsoft 365 ensures transparent operations so that customers can monitor the state of their services, track issues, and have a historical view of availability. This transparency covers our global, hyper-scale, enterprise-grade infrastructure, and also our unique offerings for in-Geo data residency, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

Cloud service offerings to better meet customer needs:

Local Data Residency

  • Microsoft offers in-Geo data residency, business continuity, and disaster recovery for core customer data.

G suite only offers data residency in the US and EU

Multi-Geo Storage

  • Microsoft offers Multi-Geo Capabilities enabling a single Office 365 subscription to store customer data at-rest, on a per-user basis, and in customer chosen data center geographies

G suite does not offer this feature

Built-in compliance

Microsoft offers a suite of products created to help organizations meet their compliance obligations by helping them first assess their compliance posture, then govern and protect their data, then respond to auditor or legal requests. Ensuring organizations stay compliant helps maintain business continuity, reduce costs, and drive growth and value to their shareholders and customers.

Benefit of the rich compliance tools Microsoft 365 delivers:

Data Governance

  • Microsoft's products manage the full content lifecycle, from importing and storing data at the beginning, to creating policies that retain and then permanently delete content at the end G suite does not allow data import.

G Suite does not do automatic classification or protect data once it leaves the Google ecosystem


  • Microsoft enables in-place, intelligent eDiscovery, quickly identifying relevant information while decreasing cost and risk

G suite does not support intelligent eDiscovery, case management or rich search. Third-party applications are required

Encryption Keys

  • Microsoft enables organizations to provide and control their encryption keys for Office 365 data at rest for added compliance and control

G suite does not offer an equivalent feature

Access Controls

  • Microsoft provides added data access control with Customer Lockbox for explicit data access authorization

G suite does not offer an equivalent feature

Compliance Manager

  • Microsoft offers Compliance Manager for customers to assess risk, provides actionable insights, and streamlines their compliance workflow.

G suite does not offer an equivalent feature.

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