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Disaster Recovery VS Backups, Which solution is the one for your business?

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Before the battle begins, between Backups and Disaster Recovery, we have to understand the meaning of each one. So, we will start with

Simple definition for Disaster Recovery DR and Backups

Firstly, backup: is the simple action of copying data into a secondary form (such as an archive file). So, in case of a disaster happened, you can use this file to restore the original one.

Secondly, Disaster Recovery (DR): is a complete strategy designed to keep an enterprise secure from disasters' side effects caused by nature or human beings, (i.e. Tornados or cyber-attacks). A good DR plan preserves the main system functionality before, during and after the disaster, which ensures the continuity of your business.

The picture below illustrates the average potential causes of data disasters.

So, after understanding each one alone, we need to know the difference between backup and DR and which one is the one for your business.

What makes backups and DR different?

  1. Data retention requirements.

    Doing backups implies that you are, on daily basis, taking copies of your files and keeping them on one location. In other words you are copying files, while DR requires more. DR has to meet the RTO requirements which need at least one duplicate of the entire IT infrastructure in another location that allows the repetition between production sites and DR sites.
  2. Recovery ability.

    DR means migrating from a failed environment (e.g. host, VM... etc), to a new one so your business keeps its services up and running. Backups come in handy when you need a file or folder right now, but not in case of full failover. Also,  backups don't have the needed resources to bring your system alive and back to work.
  3. Additional resource needs.

    To have a functional DR you have to build its environment where your data, or the backups you take, can reside in. You must consider the physical resources, software, connectivity and security.

Now, we know the meaning and the difference between DR and Backups. But

Which solution is the solid answer to your business, Disaster Recovery or Backups?

From what we've explained before, I am sure you can see that backups are part of DR, but for further illustration, I will give you this example. If DR is Saudi Arabia, then backup is Jeddah. Just like that!

I want you to know that no IT provider would ever claim that backup is the entire form of DR - just like Saudi Arabia's other provinces help form this great country. 

We recommend our clients to have a full strategy regarding this matter. In other words, you should have a policy document regardless of what you backup, how you backup or where you keep your backups. If you are interested in either DR plans or backup solutions, then take a look at our services right here or contact us if you feel that some of these concepts are quite foggy for you.

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