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Empowering Your Small Business With The Help Of Microsoft & Mastercard!

 2019/11/04   Microsoft Cloud Solutions   1360 visit(s)


Challenges that face Small business owners can be quite unique. That is why Microsoft is building a variety of tools to help these owners survive in the world of business that is in constant change and growing competition.

My first question to the small business owners is: Do you have a Mastercard? If yes, then Microsoft has some great news for you. Microsoft is releasing spectacular tools that will help you grow your business. Starting from the U.S., the Mastercard holders will have:

  • A special 4-month offer for M365 Business or office 365 business premium for old users. While the new users will have a 12-month subscription for up to 5 users.
  • A $125 for Microsoft Advertising for their business slashed only to $10 - with no compromise on ad value.
  • Full control over their ID's data no matter the regulations of the place they are in - since the digital identity is conflicted and what works in a country, doesn't work in another.

So, how does Microsoft's Partnership with Mastercard help small business owners?

All of these new releases, partnerships and offers are to help business owners adopt the cloud concepts and enable them to work from everywhere and grow their customer's base while protecting their valuable data.

Protecting the employees, data and customer's information is easier with Microsoft. It doesn’t only protect the previously mentioned factors, but also gives you the ability to use its powerful cloud services such as professional email, online meetings, chatting, file storage and much more. Let us not forget its best-in-class office apps: word, PowerPoint and excel.
As for Microsoft Advertising, it helps you reach new customers using intelligent targeting which drives traffic, leads and purchase for your business - all while being heavily protected by Mastercard ID Theft Protection™. Also, keep in mind that,  Mastercard ID Theft Protection is not the only digital resource offered by Mastercard, it offers 24/7 Business Assistance, Mastercard Easy Savings, and more.

Microsoft is very excited about this strategic partnership with Mastercard because Microsoft is fully aware that starting a business can be difficult with so much pressure, but the software giant beleives that running a business shouldn’t be like that - and it does all it can to deliver on that belief.

How to learn more about this partnership and its benefits?

Easy, contact us, and we will help you to know all about it. Also, if you are curious about M365 or Office 365 for business feel free to reach us anytime.

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