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How can Microsoft help you get better insights about your business?

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Having full image about your business, knowing all about its crannies and nooks and gaining insights is the key to a successful business. Microsoft, as a leading company, keeps releasing new services to help you and your business. With Microsoft Desktop Analytics, you have insight and intelligence which can make decisions, and inform you about these decisions via your endpoints - Windows endpoints in particular.

Imagine being able to connect your data with aggregated insights to millions of other devices connected to Microsoft's cloud services, what would this connection offer you? Surely, it will provide you with the followings:

  1. Full and comprehensive view of your endpoints, apps, drivers, add-ins, macros and settings.
  2. A central place for your admins where they manage and make decisions.
  3. Complete integration with other management tools offered by Microsoft.
  4. Monitor your deployment and migration. Also, have notifications about failed or successful migrations.
  5. Using AI with set pilot devices which represent your estate sufficiently.

Ever since releasing Desktop Analytics, Microsoft has been eager to update it over and over. Many releases with new features are out there to meet Microsoft's customers' requests.

If you are already using this great tool, why not give us your feedback about it? While if you are not using Desktop Analytics but quite curious about it, then reach us anytime you like. We are happy to help.

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