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AI and M365’s Cortana, How Much Control Will You Be In?

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As always Microsoft’s prime goal is to help business owners to focus on empowering their business and ensuring its success. With the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) you can have the most natural, personalized productivity experiences to powerup your skills, change your concept about collaboration and information reachability.

Microsoft is changing the traditional model where we adapt to the application's way of work, not the other way around. Using Cortana, the personal assistant, a new experience is available for your customers and employees, driven by AI which is embedded in M365 application and shipped with M365’s outlook mobile. Most importantly your data is protected, secure and under your control.

At the last Microsoft Ignite conference, Microsoft has taken major steps to ensure your place at the center of your work and in control. 

Save your time with Cortana

Having a secretary 24/7 helping you to organize your emails wherever you are with simple voice commands will enable you to stay focus on what really matters.

Play My Emails

Starting from the US, Microsoft has released Play my Emails for iOS - another version will be released for Android in 2020. But there will be world wide spread very soon. You can simply activate it by going to your iOS settings and turn it on. Now, all you have to do is plug in your headphones and listen to your emails. 

Cross-platform Support

Just so you know, your operating system doesn’t matter any more.  Reading your emails with natural voice, intelligent reading and amazing language recognition. However, Cortana doesn’t only read-out your emails, it also makes the required changes to your day when you are busy dealing with other matters.
Another update is the new masculine voice added to Play Out My Emails in iOS’ outlook. After trying these two voices, the original and the new one, you will notice that Microsoft has used Neural Text to Speech capabilities along with deep neural networks that match the spoken language.

Those are not the only features offered by Microsoft’s Cortana, if you are intrigued to know more about Cortana and its services that is AI-powered, feel free to contact us about anything that confuses you. And if you haven’t upgraded to M365 then you most definitely have to reach us to know more! 

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