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What Is VoIP? 5 Reasons To Switch To A VoIP Solution.

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Business owners with concerns about the efficiency and cost effectiveness of any solution they choose for their business must have stumbled upon VoIP solutions. VoIP (or Voice Over Internet Protocol), colloquially known as Internet Telephony, are answering many, if not all, of companies demands and requirements for an efficient, highly reliable communication system. 

The communication systems differ from one business to another. However, VoIP offers not only the main purpose of any telephony system, but provides its users with many other sophisticated features, from chatting platforms to video conferencing and many more. All with very affordable costs, leading business owners to adopt VoIP as their main telecommunication tool.  

Firstly, What is VoIP?

The technicians describe VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol in these simple words: Your business’ phone services are delivered by the same internet service provider. 

Many owners find it convenient to move to a VoIP solution for their business’ needs regardless of their organization’s size, whether it is SMBs or large businesses. Another advantage for the VoIP solutions is the minimal adjustments required from you as a business owner after deciding to switch your communication system from one technique to another. Also, you don’t have to worry about increasing your network’s bandwidth, VoIP solutions take full leverage of your already existing bandwidth. 

VoIP solutions come in different packages, enabling business owners to choose the most convenient one for their business’ needs.

Main Reasons for switching to a VoIP solution:

Management is easier with VoIP:

The catching point in VoIP is its simple management and easy configuration. Whether hosted on premise or in the cloud, the simplicity remains available. However, most businesses use cloud VoIP solutions since it requires no on-site footprint. So, you have more space and no worries about upgrading, maintenance or repairs. 

VoIP adopts mobility:

Making and receiving phone and video calls from home, laptop, tablet or mobile as if you were in your office is one of VoIP’s main features. VoIP solutions offer the required functions you could possibly need remotely. So, staying at your office and connecting to your business' phone system is no longer required. VoIP enables you to use some installed and dedicated apps to contact your clients easily and for free, or you can use some paid plan from your provider to call directly from your phone.  

VoIP reduces Costs:

Since VoIP solutions use only one network to carry both voice and data, you’ll get cheaper international and long-distance rates, lower monthly overall bills and better savings for your business' bandwidth usage. All by combining data, video and audio needs. Statistically speaking, VoIP solutions have helped many businesses lower their business costs dramatically. 

Integrate other business systems with VoIP:

Most likely, your business has many other systems such as CRM, Desktop Support, emails and many others. VoIP works perfectly with these systems, enabling you to access your contacts, respond to important issues and track your business' phones. The question now is: What do you need to make VoIP work for you? The answer is simple: Two things are required from you as a business owner: 

  1. Broadband connection, preferably a fibre optic one since it is more reliable.
  2. Unlimited plan giving you the freedom to talk as much as you need to.

Advanced features for VoIP solutions:

The wide array of innovative features offered by VoIP solutions are surpassing those of traditional landlines. However, we will highlight the main advanced features provided by most VoIP solutions which are: Call Routing, Virtual Numbers and Conference calls.

  • Call Routing:
    For those who worry about missing important phone calls, it is time for a long sigh of relief. With Call Routing, your phone calls will be routed to multiple devices of your choice. So, when your desktop's phone receives an important call, so will your mobile phone, home phone, iPad and other selected devices before the caller is transferred to a voicemail.
  • Virtual Numbers:
    Virtual numbers allow you to have a local number anywhere around the globe. For better understanding, let us assume that a large number of your clients are in outside Saudi Arabia – in Dubai for example – you can actually have a local Dubai number with an area code of your choice. So, when someone from Dubai tries to dial this number, it will transfer them to your phone or mobile whether your business is in Jeddah or New York city or wherever it may be. This won't only facilitate communication between you and your customers but also will probably attract more clients since customers like to use their native products as much as possible.
  • Conference Calls:
    An unlimited number of participants in one conference call is what VoIP promises you. All you need is a VoIP solution and a high-speed internet. Even better, you can make video conferences so you can see your colleagues or customers in person.
Those are not the only features provided by VoIP. There are much more, such as call waiting, voicemail… etc. If you are interested to know more about VoIP, contact our expert team, they are as always delightful to help. 

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