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Expanding Skype preview in Office 365

 2015/10/19   Microsoft Cloud Solutions   2936 visit(s)  2 min to read


Having read principal program manager lead Ali Rohani and senior product manager on the Skype for Business team Jamie Stark's article on expanding the preview of Skype for Business services in Office 365, we are very excited to announce Microsoft's update of the Skype preview that was announced earlier in July!

PSTN Conferencing preview:

PSTN Conferencing preview will now be available in 14 different countries, starting this month it will be launched in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, with Norway and South Africa soon to follow in November. The preview is set to include the user's native languages and local phone numbers in addition to new features provided by Microsoft.

Cloud PBX Preview:

All end-users of Skype for business can now preview Cloud PBX in Office 365 using their current phone lines, and with on-premises PSTN connectivity they can also use Cloud PBX to get rid of any separate PBX systems while still benefiting from their current carrier contracts and circuits, this forms a hybrid configuration that allows Office 365 customers to use on-premises Skype for Business Server software and their current IP-PBX or carrier connection to connect with landlines and cell phones. But for now, customers who wish to use this hybrid option need to have an on-premises Skype for Business server installed.

Number portability and voicemail:

Microsoft is enabling Number portability for users in the U.S. and Voicemail for Cloud PBX for users all around the world offering end-users an easy messaging technique.


IP Phones with Cloud PBX:

Numerous IP phones with Cloud PBX will be there for preview in the upcoming weeks. Customers already using Skype for business can use Polycom CX600 and CX3000, HP 4120, and Mitel Mivoice 6725 devices, and new users can buy Polycam VVX series devices to connect to Office 365. For more information please visit Polycom's website here.

Call Quality Dashboard:

The Skype for Business Call Quality Dashboard comes with innovative features and offers simple access to important information on meetings and calls.

 Sign up to try the new features today!

Microsoft would like to thank all their preview customers for helping them improve their service. And now with the launching of PTSN Conferencing in more countries along with Cloud PBX, more users can preview the newest features. To sign up and find out more information please visit skypepreview.

Please view the article here to read this post's FAQ.

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