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Cisco Multigigabit to the rescue!

 2015/10/28   Unified Communications & Networking Solutions   2444 visit(s)


In the past, employees had to decide between the "flexible Wi-Fi" and the "fast wired connection". Some went for the wired connection and enjoyed great fast connection. And others opted for a Wi-Fi which allowed them to move around the workspace easily but without "the great connectivity and speed".

Well you won't have to decide between speed and mobility anymore, because Cisco is providing Wi-Fi's with speed equivalent or even better than that of wired connections!

802.11AC Wave 2 functions at a high velocity up to almost 7 Gigs making it better for users than wired networks. Wave 2 allows organizations and companies to come up with new working approaches that stimulate a more vibrant work flow, an example of such methods would be medical imaging over tablets or videos.

However, having a Wi-Fi with such a great speed can pose a problem on the wired network as it could turn it into a chokepoint. Problem two lies in the fact that Wave 2 needs PoE+ (30W), and many companies only have PoE (15W). With the switches available now, Cat5E has a limit of 1 Gig for speed.

Now you may be wondering whether a network manager has to change all the old switches, cables and power supplies in the business when obtaining a Wave 2. This will most likely take up a lot of company money causing the procedure to be overly expensive, but the truth is, that won't be necessary at all!

Cisco has posted a blog introducing a “Multigigabit” technology. This new technology includes flexible power and supports the transfer to 802.11AC Wave. Also, a Multigigabit switch will follow the NBASE-T requirements and save your business a lot of cable costs because it runs on existing Cat5E/6 cabling. In addition to all the benefits the Multigigabit has on your business, it can also operate on Cisco 4500E and 3850 switches that you already have, so if you own a 4500E switch all you have to do is buy Mulitigig line card to link the APs and Voila! So the basic advantage Multigigabit offers to users is enabling them to easily migrate to Wave 2 without overspending your company money, something everyone is looking for, right?

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