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How Does Microsoft Power Automate Make Your Life Easier?

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Part of Microsoft Power Platform, Power Automate is a cloud-based system that enables you to create automated workflows and, thus, simplify business processes and manage them more effectively. Designed to democratize automation through the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Power Automateenables users to build complex, automated business and process workflows, which are triggered by insights from Power BI.

As a Gold-Certified Microsoft Partner in KSA, we enable Saudi businesses to efficiently use Power Automate to their best advantage. Here is an example of how Microsoft Power Automate can be used:

If you’re doing a survey data collection for a marketing research, Power Automate enables you to automatically collect and store questionnaire results like a virtual secretary, while you can focus on other duties of a higher significance. The same applies for storing any data sent to your email.

Moreover, Power Automate provides ready-to-use templates and recommendations of what apps can be linked and for what purpose. This feature makes Microsoft Flow a preferred Business Process Management System (BPMS) among new users with little BPM experience.

Asides from the templates, Microsoft Power Automate divides its flows into three main types:

Automated Flows – this flow can be activated when a pre-selected event occurs. An example is when a file is updated, other employees will receive a notification.

Scheduled Flows – a flow which occurs at a specified time such as receiving an alert notifying everyone on a daily basis about an upcoming event.

Button Flows – a flow triggered by the press of a button.

What Makes Microsoft Power Automate Great?

Microsoft Power Automate is a platform which anybody – even people with zero technical expertise – can use and integrate into their Microsoft office365 package. Besides being a business process management system, which automates repetitive tasks and simplifies their execution on behalf of employees, Microsoft Power Automate also provides additional advantages. Here are some of the core advantages Microsoft Power Automate offers:

Easy, Seamless Integration with other Applications (Connectors) 

Connectors help you directly integrate into the different apps you're using. A connector is a tool that links two or more external applications together, making it possible for you to connect your MailChimp to Slack, SharePoint, or to other apps. This will help you automate processes between them and simplify your daily menial tasks. This work-alleviating method is tailored even for non-tech-savvy people who only need a Microsoft account to access the application.

Easily Access and Share Business Data

Power Automate connects your apps together and creates a flow between them. For example, you can copy data from one app to another automatically.  This way, your colleagues can easily share and access data across various web apps. A practical example is connecting Sharepoint to your Outlook – each time a colleague of yours sends you a file on your email, the software would automatically trigger a flow and would share the same file on your SharePoint.

Create Custom Connectors

Power Automate also enables you to create custom connectors by simply describing the application programming interfaces (APIs)  you’re trying to connect.

An example is linking Twitter to your Microsoft Flow. By doing so, you’ll be able to automate a process between these two (to say, each time someone tweets about your brand, you’ll receive a notification).

You can use this, later on, to track the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the customer satisfaction rate of your brand, in order to identify trends and opportunities to thrive. Yes, it is that easy to utilize workflow automation to your needs!

Prioritize Employees Tasks

You can always miss an e-mail of high importance, especially when you receive dozens of emails per day. This, therefore, might eventually lead to greater problems. However, with Microsoft Power Automate, you can automate a flow and build a template that users would receive each time a high-priority email arrives. You can do this by integrating Flow into your outlook and configuring the flow.

For example, you can automate an alert that notifies you each time an email comes from a higher authority or from a certain employee (let’s say Sami) who’s supposed to send you that critical research analysis on the new market entry your company is preparing.

Ready to start using Microsoft Power Automate?

Don’t waste another minute, let us help you fly your business with Microsoft Power Automate. Get started today!

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