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6 Reasons to Consider Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking

 2021/09/13   Meraki Networking Solutions   892 visit(s)

A few years back, providing enterprise-grade networking solutions was often out of reach for small or medium businesses, and sometimes they were not even a priority.
Well, you can’t blame the companies, because networking servers and infrastructure can be very expensive, making the problem of compromised data even bigger for small scale companies.
But thanks to the advantages of cloud-based infrastructure, there’s a marvelous solution for small businesses that is affordable, easy to use and scalable.
Cisco is one of the leading names in the networking industries, providing Cisco Meraki Network; the best-in-class networking solution.
Here are the benefits that would make Meraki the most convenient, cost-effective solution for your business.

1.Powerful performance plus cutting-edge access points

Having an up-and-running network is a must in the “modern office”, but without the right access point, your network won’t achieve the full and needed potential for users.
The Meraki access points are built using enterprise-class 802.11ac wireless technology to make sure they support networks with high throughputs - such as gigabit fiber.
In addition, a dedicated security radio ensures the access points are completely secure and safe.

2.Simple Scalability

One of the main reasons that put Meraki products on top is the ability to use them for all parts of your network infrastructure, from firewalls to switches and access points.
Each Meraki system is connected directly to the Meraki cloud that enables a simple setup process. Any product can be removed or added easily based on your changing business demands – ensuring that growing businesses have no problem replacing and updating their infrastructure.

3. Remote Troubleshooting

The Cisco Meraki platform offers a number of troubleshooting tools that can be used and deployed easily. Also, devices can be switched off and maintained remotely from any location, resulting in more effective networks.

4. Automatic, Free Updates Maintenance

The available Meraki devices get quarterly updates with the latest firmware and upgrades. The best thing about these updates is that they can be programmed to run automatically, saving you the trouble of handling everything by yourself, or with the approval of your IT department staff.

5. Enterprise-grade support without the extra cost

Since it’s a cloud-based service, a major part of the deployment and management cost is already gone. Meraki comes with comprehensive support for all of its products; no extra cost is added. Additionally, all your IT staff will be able to communicate with a dedicated Cisco support agent at any time.
In other words, network-related problems can be solved as soon as possible and the IT department has all the needed tools and platforms to keep everything running smoothly.

6. “One Pane Of Glass” Monitoring With Mobile Support

“Less is more”; a motto that is used widely in the business world, and Cisco is no stranger to that. The approach that Meraki has chosen combines data analytics, performance assessments and more in a single view. IT engineers and staff can easily and quickly access bandwidth use of individual users, block access by inappropriate or unsupported applications, and suppress bandwidth with just a few clicks.
No matter what type of device there is, from mobile phones to laptops and tablets, as long as they are connected, they can be easily monitored and managed from a single panel. In a nutshell, Scalability, affordability, and efficiency is all you need.
You no longer have to try to make a big show for it because the Meraki solution speaks for itself. Cisco Meraki cloud is ideal for any small or medium business looking to invest in a long-term network architecture solution.

So the three musketeers of any successful business - Scalability, affordability, and efficiency- are provided for you here by Meraki, where you only pay for what you use with the ability to add additional network capacity as required at any time.

Ready for Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking?

Ctelecoms is Cisco premier partner in Saudi Arabia, looking to take your IT experience to the next level, allowing you to harness the power of the cloud with innovative solutions like Meraki Cloud-managed networking solution.

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