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Advantages of Meraki Wireless for Modern Businesses

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The IT world is no longer the same since cloud computing has taken over this realm. However, this is a beneficial step, and here’s why.
Moving to the cloud has made countless businesses float the same. As management and maintenance are now like a walk in a park, control and support are available 24/7, and updates and patches are always rolling out smoothly and effortlessly.
Cisco is no stranger to this world, being one of the largest leading companies in communication and networking, now transforming thousands of wireless networks to the next level with Meraki Cloud-Managed Wireless.

Meraki Cloud-Managed Wireless solution An efficient network is essential for any successful business nowadays regardless of its size.

The reason couldn’t be simpler: everyone is looking for flexible and secure wireless network solutions that are suitable and compatible with users' needs within the company’s premise and outside.

That’s why Meraki wireless solution is the hero here, being a robust, completely cloud-managed solution. It is designed for small to medium-sized businesses and multi-stores that are looking to have a secure, reliable, and fully integrated BYOD network without added cost or complexity.

Main Features Of Meraki Wireless Solution

Meraki wireless solution covers the needs of your IT department with a variety of features such as the following:

Centralized Management

The Meraki approach can be summed up in a single pane of glass, where you can smoothly manage multi-site networks and wifi deployment of any size.

Identity-Based Firewall

Security is what matters most when it comes to wireless networks. With Meraki wireless, you can assign firewalls and traffic shaping rules, VLAN tags, and bandwidth limits to apply the correct and needed policies for each type of user.

Automatic Radio Frequency (RF) Optimization

This feature allows you to automatically optimize WiFi by measuring channel utilization, signal strength, throughput, and interference.

Full Control Over Applications

It’s important for any network manager to monitor which applications are being used and whether or not they are being used properly. This feature also allows the managers to prioritize critical apps while limiting other less important ones.

Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Location Analytics

Surely, monitoring network performance and collecting data to enhance overall experience can be a challenging task. However, with the Meraki wireless solution, you can get your hands on powerful metrics such as visitor capture rate, visit time, and repeated visits by listening to wireless devices.

Extra Security

Two-factor authentication can be added as an extra layer of security with zero cost. You can use your phone or other administrator’s to access the interface in addition to standard login. Moreover, management and administrator traffic is kept separate from the regular network communications, which offers extra protection to sensitive information.

Layer 7 Technology

Layer 7 visibility technology is available as a standard option so any traffic, and it’s completely encrypted. Those features can be easily accessed through the Meraki interface, and to tell you the truth, it’s a piece of cake of a job to set up everything the way you think is more suitable for your organization.

What About The Benefits of Cisco Meraki Wireless?

Generally speaking, Cisco Meraki offers a centralized dashboard which is a potent tool for multi-site management that interacts with both wired and wireless network hardware. However, our main focus here is the wireless part.

From automatic patches and updates to layer 7 visibility technology, these powerful features are there to make the wireless network for your company a safer media for data exchange and storage.

Furthermore, administrators can impose rules and policies which prohibit the use of certain applications or websites for a specified period or indefinitely.

Performance can also be monitored to improve productivity within the workplace. On the other hand, we can’t forget to mention scalability. Here it’s effortless, allowing the network to expand and grow alongside the business.

We can all agree that cloud computing is the future of the IT world; at Ctelecoms, we believe in that deeply.

Being Cisco’s premier partner in Saudi Arabia, we look forward to spreading this knowledge and making sure that your business and cloud-related questions are always answered professionally.

If you need any help or further information on the Meraki cloud-managed wireless solution, contact us at any time.

Ctelecoms Team

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